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Seems the Tables have turned.

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    Seems the Tables have turned.

    Note this is Gizmodo, which is a more "passionate" news source.

    6 Things OS X Mountain Lion Should Steal From Windows 8
    Remember when Apple was the one with the reputation for chic, daring new visuals, and Microsoft was the stale, frumpy crone? The wheel of fate has turned, putting Apple in the fashion victim column and Microsoft—Microsoft!—of all companies, in the avant garde. Windows 8's Metro aesthetic is like nothing else we've ever seen. It's a large part of why we adore Windows Phone so much, and it's what makes Windows 8 look like an operating system from the future. It's superflat, colorful without being garish, as clean as we can imagine, and entirely modern. It embraces the fact that it's a digital interface on a computer, while at the same time hugging you as a user.
    This one's a good read too

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    "Windows 8's Metro aesthetic is like nothing else we've ever seen. It's a large part of why we adore Windows Phone so much, and it's what makes Windows 8 look like an operating system from the future."

    Looks like we "Metro Lovers" we're right all along.

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    Nobody ever said you were wrong.

    There is no right or wrong when it comes to opinions about visuals.

    You like it - great.

    The writer does not seem to like Apple.

    That is fine - he is entitled to his opinion.

    I don't like the visuals - but that is not really what troubles me.
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    Oh no. If the "avant garde" likes something I reflexively recoil from it. Despite this instinctive reaction, I shall endeavor to persevere and continue to enjoy my Win 8 installations...:-)
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    You do not say?!
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    On the phone, zune software, zune hd, and media center and such I can agree that metro design is nice and interesting. But on the windows 8 that format is very similar to another design. But to be honest it is what you think it is. Apple was never more fashion forward than Microsoft if you liked Microsoft and vice versa. Of all the designs I would say the zune software, zune hd, even media center had a better grasp of the typography and graphic elements with the phone coming in second. I don't think a lot of people hate Metro Design within itself, it's more of how metro was executed is where the problem lies.
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    Hi there
    trouble is with this sort of stuff is that you have two basically incompatable types of users.

    Those that run computers like "Big smart phones" -- basically reading the odd email, surfing the odd website and generally doing one task at a time and swiping the screen to start another app when they need to and the other lot who need to use computers with a traditional type desktop --users who NEED multiple concurrent windows open for running things like ms office, logging on to corporate back end systems like CRM / SAP etc or monitoring a whole slew of different networks / computers / transactions etc.

    I'm amazed when I see how much "This is better than that" discussions on the site when people haven't actually sat down and thought about what do people actually WANT to do on their computers. Once you know what people WANT then you can decide HOW to provide the service.

    I challenge ANY of the "Metro diehards" here to USE METRO ONLY and translate a word document into 2 different languages (this would normally need at least 3 windows open CONCURRENTLY) , enter complex mathematical formula into a complex EXCEL spread sheet containing multiple LINKED workbooks or compare the price of an article from 4 different websites.

    The last you could do but it's a lot easier when you've got all the websites windows open at the same time without having to switch FULL SCREEN windows to see each website.

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    Everybody knows that already, surely.

    I don't think Mike Mace will mind me quoting him here:

    Productivity and information creation tasks are compromised to make the OS more attractive for content consumption
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    First, I'm not a 'Metro diehard'.
    I use it occasionally, on the desktop the vast majority of the time.

    Second, I included the desktop as it is a 'Metro App' now, can be minimized to left/right, main or side.
    Put your cursor anywhere on the top of the desktop and drag it left/right to minimize, down to close.
    This is how you can multi-task.
    Click image for larger version

    I don't completely agree with MS's implementation, but then I didn't think they would build it just for me.
    They have made it for what they consider will be best for the majority of users, IMHO it should be more customizable so everyone can make it as they want it.
    Hopefully third party apps will help.
    They are aware that many users will not use it because their own preferences are not in the focus, right or wrong, time will tell.
    If it is not as successful as they need it to be they might add more customizable options later or with the next version.
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    So I read today about mountain Many of the things sound a lot like Windows 8, but then again, Windows has little competition from mac os.

    Click image for larger version
    See, this is why I like metro design, digital authenticity. On the apple side, they take everything you see in daily life and its entities and digitize in into a flat screen. It's not really software, from the pic I uploaded, it's a digital notepad.

    In the metro world, you use SOFTWARE, in which the thing itself is an entity, not a digitizer.
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Seems the Tables have turned.
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