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Windows 8: Give Microsoft credit for betting the farm

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    Quote Originally Posted by mart4494 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    MS have upset a huge number of their customers.

    The tragedy is - it is so needless.
    It would have helped if they had called the thing MS Metro rather than Win8. The inference calling it Win8 is that it is the successor to Win7. You have a phone/tablet OS being passed off as a one size fits all!!!
    Exactly Windows Metro would be better.
    Touchscreen Gui for tablets, POS and other task specific oriented applications.

    But then, it is M$

    And You Have To Realize
    M$ know exactly what you need

    Just like the fruit pc company

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    They didn't so well here for sure! All of sudden the desktop freezes solid where only the Start screen and side bar with power button(fortunately appeared) came out with all else useless! I hardly have anything on the RP and for some reason today it loaded directly to the desktop not the Start screen. But then something went haywire.

    Found the same thing the other day where any windows open would freeze and no way to get the task manager up either. I never ran into any of this with the CP but now the RP?! It's as if they put out the beta build after the RC this time around!
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    I had a couple of total lockups the other day, everything just froze. The only way out was to hit the reset button. I've had the odd program not launch correctly too. Just a screen with a solid color. I updated some drivers after that and it hasn't happened again. Knock on wood.
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    1st W10 Professional x64/W7 Ultimate x64 - 2nd Remote system: W10 Insider Builds/W7 Professional

    Something here garbled up big time likely a bad install of a chipset driver or somehow a system file got bumped. This saw the entire desktop freeze up the second time and that's when the only things to work were the Start Screen(but nothing on it) and the Apps, settings bar where I went to look at the refresh option.

    Once that show files were missing while the previous two weeks all was well I said let's eee how this works! And so far no futher locks with all for now seemingly going well.

    Someone else I have been helping lately however sees locks when going to play back video files whether on the drive locally or YouTube. I can't rule out one of the few updates or something else for that problem.
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Windows 8: Give Microsoft credit for betting the farm
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