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New Zealand has outlawed internet trolling

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    New Zealand has outlawed internet trolling

    New Zealand is taking a strong stand against internet bullying. Under a new bill outlawing “harmful digital communications,” the country can punish internet trolls with up to three years of jail time.

    In New Zealand, anyone who has been convicted of sending digital communications that cause “serious emotional distress” can face a fine of up to NZ$50,000 (US$33,600) or two years in jail. The penalty increases to NZ$200,000 (US$134,500) for businesses in violation of the law. Furthermore, under an amendment to New Zealand’s Crime Acts, inciting or encouraging another person to commit suicide is punishable with up to three years of prison.
    Source MSN NEWS

    This Forums member can only say: "Good job New Zealand, hopefully other countries follow!".

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    While the intentions behind this are very good, I have some serious doubts as to how effectively they could enforce this. Especially if the bullies/trolls are not your typical 10 year old kids.
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    Yes and a very slippery slope, if they can do this what's to stop them for deciding that what you do is offensive.
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    I glad to see that a country finally decided to punish the ones who harm others digitally. However, I have a feeling this won't really help but at least the ones who do it, it will let them think of what consequences there are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clintlgm View Post
    Yes and a very slippery slope, if they can do this what's to stop them for deciding that what you do is offensive.
    Exactly right. This was my very first thought, especially here in the U.S. People get offended by everything these days. You can't even have a civil debate without people taking it personally. This has a real chance of turning into something very ugly.
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    I like the idea behind this. Its about time that someone comes up with it. However I agree with everyone else about it being difficult to enforce and deciding what really constitutes a violation of the law. If it comes down to a case that is legit, meaning that the effects of it on the victim are well documented and proven then some sort of reprimand definitely should happen. If the troll/bully does legitimately cause someone to commit suicide, the I dont see it being any different than second degree murder, or at the very least manslaughter.
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    What Is an Internet 'Troll'? How Should I Deal With Trolls?

    The Sad Truths of Internet Trolls:

    1. Trolls are immune to criticism and logical arguments. True trolls cannot be reasoned with, regardless of how sound your logical argument is.
    2. Trolls do not feel remorse like you and me. They have sociopathic tendencies, and accordingly, they delight in other people having hurt feelings.
    3. Trolls consider themselves separate from the social order.
    4. Trolls do not abide by etiquette or the rules of common courtesy.
    5. Trolls consider themselves above social responsibility.

    • Trolls gain energy by you insulting them.
    • Trolls gain energy when you get angry.
    • The only way to deal with a troll is to ignore him, or take away his ability to post online.

    How Should I Deal With Internet Trolls?

    You cannot win with a troll. Publicly retaliating against them just fuels their childish need for attention. There are only 3 reliable ways to deal with trolls, all of which focus on removing their audience, removing their power, and depriving them of the attention they seek.

    1. For a casual or emergent troll: completely ignore the person's postings. While it is difficult for most users to to let a troll have the last word, this tactic successfully takes the wind out of a casual troll's sails.
    2. For repeating troll offenders: report them to the moderators of the system. If enough people report the toll, this will often prompt the moderators to take action (see number 3 below)
    3. Have the moderators take away the troll's ability to post online. This will commonly mean that the troll is kicked from the system, or blocked by IP address. Even better is when the troll is allowed to continue posting, but unbeknownst to him: all of his postings are deleted from everyone else's view. This will lure the troll into wasting his efforts while still feeling proud of his childish antics. This moderator move is sometimes called 'muting' or 'bonzo-ing' the offender.
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    This is silly and not enforceable without more specific guidelines. What will happen is people will be abused by law enforcement.

    I think it is a stupid Politically Correct move which will backfire and take some innocent people with it when it blows up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBill View Post
    People get offended by everything these days.
    Indeed, like this caused by a computer software and people act like crazy.

    Google Photos labeled black people 'gorillas'
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New Zealand has outlawed internet trolling
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