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Final thoughts on Windows 8: A design disaster

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    It won't be the desktop market for the average user! Someone going to buy a new OEM premade system to trade in their old XP boat achor will be in for tremendous shock! "Hey!" as the outrage consumer inquires the retailer "Where the .... is Windows 8 or whatever? And what is this crap?!"

    For those who don't like going back and forth to the Start>Programs menu MS made things quite a bit easier with the option to "pin shortcuts to the taskbar"! That option replaced the previous Quick Launch option seen with the previous versions to avoid repeat back and forth trips! Another "W7" success I might add!

    The Metro itself wouldn't be any major annoyance if it had been set up like the Vista side bar with the right click option to simply uncheck the start up with Windows box! Then you would the chioice of Start>Programs or Start screen! Instead MS decided to strip the Start>Programs menu entirely in favor of a Tablet PC touchscreen gui suddenly being imposed on the desktop users!

    Adding to that you cannot change the sizing of the Start screen buttons which start off a LARGE or Smaller and fill the entire screen "Lightning fast" requiring you to scroll endlessly to the right once you have a volume of programs and often multiple shortcuts as well as any others you elect to pin there. "Scroll, scroll, scroll the screen! Not so happily seen! by most users...." ddaaaaa...

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    I have to admit I'm not all that familiar with todays tablets. I've played with a couple at Staples and Future Shop but that's a about it. I don't own a smart phone either. To me the Metro Start screen looks pretty bland, even with live tiles. Compare that to a tablet with the Android desktop or whatever it is, and the Android looks a lot better. To me it looks more like Windows than the Windows 8 tablet does. I can't help but think that anybody that doesn't know Windows from Android, is going to buy the Android tablet. To me the Metro Start screen looks unfinished and unpolished. IMHO It's brand new and it already looks dated.
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    Even the beta fish and subsequent RC look for 7 was off. But this like those builds for 7 is all pre-release. Once you get any new Windows install you work out your own themes for the most part anyways.

    Hopefully someone will come up with some options to improve the appearance and sizing for the Start screen until a method or option still to be seen with the RTM is there to disable it. It's rather sad and disappointing at how they are simply throwing it "In Your Face whether you like it or not!" out without taking into account the desktop users whether or not the mouse can still be used for touchscreen gui.

    The transition from XP all Classic theme to the newer Aero was seen to over two not one version as was 3.1 to 95 and now 7 to 8! Inbetween XP and 7 you had Vista with both Aero and Classic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakamarra View Post
    Yes I can see that Microsoft will regain their position in the market.
    Is that the 'My First Toy PC' market you're talking about? I hear Fisher Price absolutely love the Metro UI.

    Business 'aint interested in it, even MS accept that, and, nobody that I've let had a go on it wants to touch it with a barge pole. They all seem to hate Metro and will not be buying Windows 8. 'They' being people at work, family and friends.

    The utterly laughable thing is that it could all be solved by simply allowing users to switch off Metro if they so wish. But no, the MS Metro Mafia are camped out in Redmonds bunkers, eyes shut tight and earplugs stuffed in their ears. They fully deserve the self created disaster that is coming to them. Their arrogance in forcing the Metro UI on everyone will be their nemesis.
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    I've now get it installed on a testing desktop which is now situated on my desk at work and am trying to force myself to use it. Like others, I don't call it a design disaster, but it's a bit too much of 2 different designs for my tastes that are integrated a bit clunky.

    At the present time, I'm trying to stick to only what I can do by default. So, if you cannot add a start menu back without 3rd party applications, at the present time I am doing without. I've gotta judge it by what it can do by default...not what I can make it do with lots of effort and research on my part. Once I am more familiar, I am sure that I will add all of these functionality pieces back.
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    That's one way to look at it! Each will have their own opinions as well as assessment of 8 if they elect to run it long enough to look at what else the next version will bring. Many hated Vista without even giving the older version a good run simply complaining about the larger version without realizing it was far more stable then XP SP2 ever thought of being!

    In fact many grew so attached to Vista they ended up dumping 7 when briefly looking at it to back to the previous! Likewise 98 1st edition fell flat on it's face there until 98SE came out. Missed getting 98SE PLUS! back then.

    But wait! MS once again fudged the works up with ME while 2000 was loved by many that ended up skipping over XP entirely considering that to be a crap OS! Yet Vista gets the bad rap due to the extended delay and XP being the only new version for those extra years.

    The assessment here on 8 deals it never being a replacement for 7 since i can run just about everything I want on the 64bit 7 while a few items would need to be run on the 32bit instead. Those few however are the non essentials.

    With 8 on the other hand from what has been so far several software companies will need to release newer versions of their wares soon or 8 will have to be left out of the equation. Otherwise it would be a dual boot only not any replacement OS.
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    I've been testing Win 8 about 6 weeks. I've been asked to be our point man for our 1400 member Computer. I must admit that coming in I expected a debacle (SHORT MSFT!). For my first few days I thought my expectations had been realized. But soon I began finding out that I was easily navigating from app to app with ease -- and that's with my mouse!

    I should note that I am part of a group supporting about 50 Win 7 machines but also support members with their XP and Vista machines so I have to know my way around very fluidly. I've quickly come to the realization that Win 8 is MUCH easier to navigate than XP, Vista or Win 7 once you get to know the system.

    That said, my current opinion is that MS has a pretty good design concept poorly implemented - at this point. I expected the Release Preview to show a refinement and fleshing out of the concept. Instead I think they've slid backwards.

    Examples: the concept of having a one click email app accessible at the start page is great. But they supported only Hotmail, gmail and exchange until Release when they dropped back to only Hotmail. Good Lord! They have the starting blue print in Windows Live Mail. Right now I have 5 email addresses (2 Cox, 1 Hotmail 1 edu) I can access in one app. Now WLM ain't perfect but like I say, it's a good starting point and about a million times better than what's in the Release version.

    Another: the photos app is lame at best. Nice try. Bring all your pictures together with one click. So what do we get: Skydrive, Face Book, Flickr and My Pictures. Trouble is My Pictures at least on my installation can't seem to access my 20gigs plus of of local pictures in any meaningful structure. I know they're link to them since they have a slide show running on the face of the app.

    And so it goes. Almost every app is lame, lame lame which could be acceptable in early beta releases but not a release supposedly targeted for this fall.

    I'll repeat (at the risk of getting slammed) it's a good concept but at the rate they're progressing, we may have to wait until Windows 9 to see it come to fruition.

    If I was giving my presentations and classes soon instead of in October, I'm sure I'd be discouraging our members from even considering early implementation.

    My 2 cents,

    PS- you need a bigger reply window! (just another 2 cents)
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    Point taken! Generally you would have thought the RP would have seen a variation as each stage progressed towards retail. But the Metro is still tossed in your face without any options just for appearance alone except the initial color slider setting for background. The first thing I do with any RP install is remove the clutter you first see on the Start screen for things I wouldn't using to start with. Before the Refresh PC option was tested to how that would turn out I did have numerous other programs pretty well organized.
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    Hi there
    using the "Power shell" you can get an orb with the classic start menu back on W8.

    The trick also is to pin a few apps to "the taskbar" and send others to the desktop.

    To send an app to the desktop get into the metro screen and choose open file location on the application say MS word.
    When you get to the file location right mouse click and choose send to desktop.

    I've deleted almost everything possible from the metro stuff and with the "power shell" classic menu, stuff on the desktop and taskbar I've found W8 a very useable OS -- runs a lot faster than 7 and find things like the native mounting of .ISO files really useful especially on a small laptop without a physical DVD device.

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    The funny thing is even on 7 I generally only use the Start orb to restart or shut the system down. Shortcuts for each of those as well as logging off and other things aren't any major project either. I had some of those when using the Start Menu 7 addon that lacks the shutdown button to begin with. The Classic Shell has it however. What most are looking for however is how to disable the Start screen from being the first thing rather then the desktop when booting up or logging on. The rest of the stuff to work out is gravy except for running into the all too familiar compatibility issues you would expect with nay newer version. I'm sure something else will ask: "How did you get the Start orb and Programs menu back using the Windows Power Shell?" so I have to ask that here.
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Final thoughts on Windows 8: A design disaster
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