Microsoft's fiscal 2015 is winding down, which means, as usual, it's time for another company reorg.

CEO Satya Nadella notified company employees of the newest tweaks to the corporate structure via a June 17 memo (which Microsoft has posted on its Web site).

A number of long-time execs are leaving the company as the new fiscal year begins. Stephen Elop, head of Microsoft's devices business, is out, as is Kirill Tatarinov, who has headed the Dynamics business. Eric Rudder, who has led a number of teams, and most recently, Advanced Technology and Education, is leaving, as is Mark Penn, who has been chief insights officer and the originator of Microsoft's now-defunct Scroogled campaign.

A number of the current leaders are staying, but will be leading reconfigured teams.Terry Myerson will lead the combined Windows and Devices Group, taking over the team formerly led by Elop. Scott Guthrie will continue to lead Cloud and Enterprise, which will now also include the Dynamics ERP and CRM products. Qi Lu remains as head of Applications and Services Group, and will now also oversee Education, as well.

Most of the changes take effect today, June 17, though Penn isn't officially gone until September.

Post-reorg, the new Microsoft senior leadership now includes:...

Source: Microsoft's 2015 reorg: Who's in, who's out | ZDNet