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What to do if Windows 8 Release Preview won't install

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    What to do if Windows 8 Release Preview won't install

    Some users have bumped into installation errors with the latest flavor of Windows 8. Microsoft says you may need to tweak or update your BIOS to solve the issue.

    Have any of you tried to install the new Windows 8 Release Preview only to face the message: "Your PC's CPU isn't compatible with Windows 8."

    If so, the solution to the problem may lie in your computer's BIOS.
    Read more at:
    What to do if Windows 8 Release Preview won't install | Microsoft - CNET News

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    well Brink, I did not install the release version yet.

    What I do not understand is: everything went ok with the 2 previous versions, why not in the 3d?

    One would imagine that MS would at least test this on different hardware before release.

    I will stay away for the moment I guess.

    thanks for the info

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    Hello Jeff,

    I haven't had any issues with doing a clean install of Windows 8 RP so far. The issue mentioned in the article is an easy fix though.

    Clean Install - Windows 8
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    Conspiracy Theorists would say that it is to force/trick you into buying new hardware.
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    Aha - this has already been mentioned several times on Eightforums......If you read the following (especially the hilarous "work-round" response you will see Microsoft saying "sorry - we said your PC will run 8 if it runs 7 but we've changed our buy a new PC why don't you!"

    Booting from Windows 8 Release Preview DVD - error code 0x0000005D - Microsoft Answers

    So I have my old Sempron 3000 M/C unable to run RP.....
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    What gets me is, WHY did the CP version work so flawlessly, but supposing the RP is more stable/advance and has caused havoc when doing a clean install. Talked to MS yesterday about the math co-processors not working, and they told me it was an Intel issue, Intel said it worked till I updated so therefore it is a Microsoft issue. Most here might not think this a big deal, BUT it really is. Todays games rely on your math co-processor to draw triangle, rectangles, circles, do spreadsheet calculations, etc. Really weird the upgraded version of Windows 8 trashed what was working in the CP version of Windows 8.
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    Guys I'm currently using Windows 8 CP.

    I want to know is there any benefit of installing Windows 8 RP from your experiences.. means should I install it or not? Thanks
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    Driver Install Failure

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    What gets me is, WHY did the CP version work so flawlessly, but supposing the RP is more stable/advance and has caused havoc when doing a clean install.
    In my case, W8DP has been the best version (easily restorable Start Menu and all of my drivers installed and worked first time).

    W8CP would not correctly install my sound driver (it says that it's properly installed, but I only hear buzzing noises).

    I haven't had time to install W8RP, I'm too busy with other problems.
    It sounds like I should wait a couple of weeks, so that MS can "iron out" all of the new bugs they've introduced.

    I'm not expecting much (based on my W8CP experience).

    W8RP has exactly the same problems as W8CP.
    It won't install my MB sound driver correctly (it claims that everything is "hunky-dory" though).
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    I tried to dual boot win 8 release preview and it all went to hell, tried installing it and I got a message saying my hard drive partition needed to be at least 20gb, why I made it initially 20gb I have no clue, of course its actually only about 19.8gb and thats why win 8 release preview wouldnt install.

    Went back into widows 7 partition and fired up partition wizard to make the win 7 smaller and of course therefore the win 8 partition bigger, after resizing the program hung, then add to manually power down the computer and thats when my motherboard fried out on me.

    Now in the process of building a whole new computer, going with asus z77 board, 16gb of memory, I5 3570K cpu, the works, should be sweet when I am done and no I am not going dual boot win 8 onto it
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    I could easily have 16gb of memory here but it won't solve a partitioning problem. But it certainly won't be any help when a board goes on you!

    When finally getting around to getting a new supply for the previous build I ran Vista on as well as tested 7 with having already replaced the board but sat for the two years.. nothing! Nada on two supplies tried out which includes the one just ordered. A supply tester will tell if both of those are toast or simply put the 2010 new board came in DOA?!

    A little late now for sending the board back for sure and finding another AM2 board to salvage the rest? Having a second OS on the present build is what saw the RP go on while it was the CP that was able to go onto VM Player. There you need either a dvd or mount the iso as a new dvd/cd drive for the new VM and no go with either.
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What to do if Windows 8 Release Preview won't install
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