When first seeing the freeze ups in the RP it got where the desktop locked up fast right when clicking the desktop button and waiting for the loading of Windows to finish only to see the pinned WE or IE shortcut flash but do nothing! Then when going to use the Refresh PC option now seen in for reinstalling 8 without a reformat packing things into the Windows.old folder it added a new boot entry for 7 in automatically where once again I used EasyBCD to move the 7 entry above the one for 8 and resetting 7 as default.

The move there also provided a look at how the new boot options screen looks and how 8 handles dual boots. Then 7 started acting up in the exact same way where I said "wtf" is this crap?!

I then scheduled a run of the Check Disk tool after a few hard boots and things cleared right up in 7 before changing the bios setting. And that's where 8 failed to adjust seeing the two OS drives converted to SCSI devices while 7 is still running strong!

That's what I call "buggy"! The look at the BlueScreenView program by chance revealed the "ntoskmi.exe" error being the end result of having seen 7 added as a boot option first by EasyBCD and then by the refresh of 8! You know that also indicated another clean install of the RP would be needed to clean up the mess while the 7 host drive was offline! to keep both isolated as far as BCD stores and boot sectors!