We received great feedback and insight from our WinJS 4.0-Preview, released earlier this year. Now, the time has finally arrived. With the imminent release of Windows 10, we are proud to announce WinJS 4.0.

You can pick up the latest version here.

In addition to Windows 10, WinJS 4.0 supports the latest versions of all your favorite browsers, including the new Microsoft Edge. We realize that many developers are more familiar with, and may prefer to use, other frameworks for various parts of their app. We have checked in wrappers for AngularJS, KnockoutJS, and ReactJS to our GitHub project. You can now create Windows or web applications using other web frameworks, while still having access to the rich set of controls that WinJS provides.

How can I get it?
WinJS 4.0 is available for download from a number of different sources. You can use a package manager—such as npm, Bower, and NuGet; you can use a CDN; you can even go to our GitHub repository directly and build your own custom version.

What’s new
For a complete list of changes from WinJS 3.0, check out the changelog on GitHub.

New features
The bulk of the feature additions were announced when we unveiled WinJS 4.0-Preview back in March, although, we have made quite a few bug fixes and improvements based on the feedback you have submitted. Here are some of the highlights:

Read more: http://blogs.windows.com/buildingapp...-4-0-released/