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Celebrating Microsoft Solitaire

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    Celebrating Microsoft Solitaire

    It was 25 years ago that Microsoft Solitaire debuted on Windows, and to honor the decades of fun its given us all, were celebrating with two big competitions. First, an internal competition among Microsoft employees kicks off today to determine who leads the leaderboards here. Then, starting Monday, June 5, Microsoft winners will go head-to-head with public players in a 25th Anniversary Tournament hosted within the game.

    Play five popular versions of solitaire including the classic Klondike Solitaire.

    From Klondike to FreeCell to Spider, TriPeaks and Pyramid game modes, youll be challenged to bring your best to defeat our best. Are you up to the challenge? Get your Solitaire game on today.

    Download the Microsoft Solitaire Collection for Windows and Windows Phone for free today!

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    This might seem silly but I used to have access to a very weak computer and Freecell/Solitare used to be the games I played every day. I had lots of fun. I do not play them that much any more but I do every once and a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zEric7x View Post
    This might seem silly but I used to have access to a very weak computer and Freecell/Solitare used to be the games I played every day. I had lots of fun. I do not play them that much any more but I do every once and a while.
    Not silly at all. I've been playing Solitaire since I was 6 years old(I'm almost 50 now) when my grandmother taught me, and since Microsoft included it with windows, I play it on PC(saves wear & tear on the cards and you can't "cheat").
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    isn't Friday June 5 ? What my calendar says. Solitaire is a classic game i admit.
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    I stopped playing Solitaire when I started getting some very invasive ads a few months ago . I was never able to get to the bottom of whether they were genuine or a virus (I suspect the latter as I hadn't always been seeing them, and my partner plays the games every day and never see any ads).

    Would love to start playing again, but not worth it with these ads.
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    I'm confused! I was playing Solitaire on a DOS based PC, back in 1990.
    The same game was later incorporated into Windows and was still used in Windows through Win-XP.

    I can't remember whether it was in Vista, or Win-7 when, in their infinite wisdom, MS decided to jazz up good ol' Sol.
    I hated that new version!!! It neither looked like, or played like, the original version.

    So I found out, that if I copied Sol.exe and cards.dll from XP and transported them into the later OS's, I could still play my old favorite version of Solitaire. Believe it or not.....that 25 yr old Sol still plays good in Windows 10, x64. I just now proved it, on Windows 10, 10130/x64.

    To maintain my Hand to Eye coordination, I play at least a half hour of Solitaire every day.

    Cheers Mates!

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    I never understood how to play it.
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    I have bought Solitaire cards for my mom, so she could enjoy herself a bit, thinking, that it was worth $10, then I could not get her out of mine computer, so I had to buy another computer, just to get rid of her. I should have bought her a pack of real cards instead with a book, how to play them.
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Celebrating Microsoft Solitaire
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