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Windows 8: What happens next?

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    I hate anything apple, have tried their devices in the past and was unimpressed, especially with the price tag attached. It is amazing how many sheep run to buy their products just because they think it will make them cool if they have the latest version. I know plenty of people who have said to me "oh do you like my new latest i-phone" but when I have asked them what does it actually do differently from the last version and do they know how to get the most use out of it they just give me a blank expression, and admit that they don't have a clue. But "Oh it looks cool though".
    To me these are the type of people that generally make up the mass market for these types of devices, whether it be smart phones or tablets. I was recently on a train journey and on the table opposite me were two young girls, who looked like students. They sat there for the entire journey with an i-pad each playing "Fruit Ninja" without saying a word to each other. They looked like zombies, and totally brain dead!
    Now there is nothing wrong with tablets and smart phones, I have both (android devices) but I know how to get the most out of them, and I know their limitations. They are just extra devices and in no way can they replace a desktop or laptop, even though I have a keyboard and mouse for my tablet and I can use usb devices and external HDD it doesn't even come close.
    I think Microsoft are trying to bridge the gap and catch a part of this type of market. In some ways I think it's good that competition is stimulating innovation but they need to be careful, they should not try to kill the desktop.

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    Oh dear, and there I was listening to my iPod on the beach this a.m.......baaaaaahhhh!!
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Windows 8: What happens next?
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