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Windows 8 "Release Preview" Released

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    1st W10 Professional x64/W7 Ultimate x64 - 2nd Remote system: W10 Insider Builds/W7 Professional

    Yuo can still see Windows Mail added in 7! There's a guide over at SF for that since you have Vista on you simply copy the WM folder over to the 7 primary. Windows Mail - Windows 7 Forums

    Here since I changed ISPs back in early 2009 the Windows Mail part was simply dropped for the Windows Live Hotmail you can see installed locally on the drive since WM was no longer an option. That was needed for the old dsl setup for the ISP email account before the change.

    With the WLM installed locally however you can import mail from a good number of email clients besides the default Windows Live simplifying things a good deal. 8 won't be seeing the Live Esentials package however.

    As for adding 8 onto any system keeping it isolated from any direct BCD store involvement is highly recommended after booting into 7 from the 8 BCD ended up causing drive errors on the 7 host drive. When adding 8 into the 7 boot oiptions prior to a clean install of 7 recently tended to the 8 automatic repair tool was required to see the 8 mbr information overwrite 7's simply from being the newer version of Windows. The same would be seen for seeing the entries for 7 overwrite those for Vista as expected with 7 being the newer version there.

    The dual booting problems however was one thing never seen with the previous Vista/7 beta or Vista/7 RC dual boots. Vista was gone with the 7 retail launch however until the new 7 case was ready. Vista is now back on the old case since the first baord and supply both quit right when ordering for the newer 7 build.

    Vista did run well then and is running good with it now seeing the exact same board the 7 case has with the first cpu now in use there since I went a little further lately to beef up the 7 build with a faster Phenom II X4 975 3.6ghz replaceing the 965 3/4ghz model plus adding even more memory in. The 8gb of Mushkin Enhanced was replaced by 16gb of Kingston Hyper X to max it out. 4gb of Mushkin on the old Vista x86 build and the other 4gb for a new 7 Pro mini tower case about to be finished. The Ultimate x64 stays on the main case.

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    Windows 7 Ult Reatil & Win 8 Pro OEM

    Thank you for that last post Night Hawk, it was most interesting and useful information.
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    1st W10 Professional x64/W7 Ultimate x64 - 2nd Remote system: W10 Insider Builds/W7 Professional

    Hopefully that will be a help for many as I continue to hear more complaints from people about the RP being more "buggy" then the CP. I'm presently trying to help someone out with an old laptop only seeing a pair of 256mb sodimms of DDR memory who managed to get the 32bit RP on but can't get any AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon drivers to go on.

    The integrated graphics did see Vista updates but nothing newer for the too old ATI Express 200 vpu chip seen on it. That's a case where the hardware simply doesn't support the next version coming since the owner was unable to use Vista or 7 updates while still able to get 8 installed but removing a few files apparetnly. Not the better move for sure.
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    window 7

    Hi..have anyone know window 8 support DVD Rom, because after installs window 8 release preview cannot find DVD icon at my computer and device manager. Anyone can help?
    Attached is latest in window 8 error , DVD Rom not in window 8..Anyone can help this problem.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails error in window 8.jpg  
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    1st W10 Professional x64/W7 Ultimate x64 - 2nd Remote system: W10 Insider Builds/W7 Professional

    Hello HYHO Welcome the EightForums!

    The image you attached clearly shows an optical drive being listed under DVD/CD-ROM drives. If you place a blank disk in the drive you wouldn't be able to change drive letter in the Disk Management tool or view the contents since none are present however. The "Slimtype DVD A DS8A35" item is the make and model number for the drive itself when viewing it in the Device Manager.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    More to HYHO.

    Normally under "My computer" on explorer CD/DVD-ROM is hidden when empty, unless you go to folder option and uncheck "Hide empty drives in the computer folder" Then it will appear all the time.

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    Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit (7 Ult, Vista & XP in V-Box)

    Finally got it downloaded on my lousy connection.

    Installing in VirtualBox now.

    Will have a bit of a play with it there.....

    EDIT: - Well, that ended in tears.

    Wouldn't install into Virtual-Box off the iso.

    So I burned it to a DVD, and tried that.

    No joy, it won't work as an upgrade or as a stand-alone install.

    Fails every time.

    I suspect a faulty download.......
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    1st W10 Professional x64/W7 Ultimate x64 - 2nd Remote system: W10 Insider Builds/W7 Professional

    Once you have the new VM by name created without the initial startup you go into the settings and add a new cd/dvd drive simply browsing right to the iso itself. The system setting by default sees floppy first which can be unchecked as well as moving the optical and hard drive up a notch each to bump floppy out of the way.

    Once you have the iso added a new drive the setup will appear once the new VM is started. Sometimes you have to play with adding and then uninstalling it a few times with the lates VBox version. But the RP will install by iso as well as by optical drive if you burn the iso to disk.
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    Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit (7 Ult, Vista & XP in V-Box)

    Thanks, Night-Hawk, but I've tried various ways to install it, both in VBox from
    the iso and a DVD, and as both a clean standalone install and as an upgrade over
    Win 7, from a DVD.

    Failed every time, so a faulty download is my main suspect.
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    First, interesting name and avatar, because my daughter goes by "Kat" and the picture looks very much like her cat. She's not a technical person though.

    Does the VM boot at all? The times I tried loading Win8 in Virtual Box it booted but I got a strange error (about three sort lines of characters on a black screen). If you haven't already tried some of these things they might help determine whether the ISO is bad:

    - Run a CRC check on the image (several free utilities out there to do that)
    - Try mounting the ISO in another (running) VM or with an ISO mounting utility like MagicDisc (free)

    I can definitely say that Win8 runs fine in VMware Workstation or its free counterpart VMware Player. I set it up as a "Windows 7" VM and tell VMware to install the OS later (since, at least with the version I have, it does not recognize the OS on a Windows 8 image or DVD).
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Windows 8 "Release Preview" Released
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