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Creating the Windows 8 user experience

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    Thank you for posting the link.

    Can anyone honestly say that the XP screenshot on the blog post link (at above link) doesn't destroy their new 8 screenshot? Since when does regression = improvement? I dunno.

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    Assuming the quick flashes of screen views are real and not mockups, I'm certainly going to lower the brightness on my screen. All that flat white of the apps running on the desktop hurts my eyes on a large screen. Yes, I work regularly on a 24-inch or a 32-inch screen.

    This will all probably look great on tablets or small laptops, especially in bright ambient light. Of course this is one of ways they are cutting back on power consumption and lower system requirements...No per-pixel shading...Thus no Aero and no 3-dimensional buttons, frames, etc.

    Oh well.......Gonna miss all that chrome!!!

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    It reminds me of a 1980s car.....

    Flat, square, plain and ugly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tseven View Post
    I can't believe from the consumer preview up until now this is the BEST they could come up with. It's disappointing to say the least. I get the incorporation of metro but to be quite frank metro just doesn't work. Maybe on things where it's fine to be less graphic say on the phone but on a desktop and even a tablet no one wants to be looking at flat objects. Their idea works when things are meant to be simple say when watching a movie but you cannot have buttons and such be so flat to the point of looking like their was no effort taken into creating them. Plus they obviously didn't put into consideration how light everything looks and how much harder it is with the flatness to distinguish things such as the tabs they just look like blocks similar to internet explorer 9 there isn't even a BIT of gap and such to show separation. While their idea may work on say something that is focused on one task here there is just too much going on for the desktop to be completely flat. It's even flatter than windows 95.

    I don't think they understand that there is just too much going on for it to be as flat as it is. I mean look at the icons for the various programs and various system items. Even if the system items change to look flatter I doubt most of the people would go back and create flatter icons and even if flat icons so many of the icons just don't work flat. They need to realize that they need to create something that meets aero and metro halfway. This is not it sure they've taken most of aero out but the look just looks boring and unappealing. Not to mention it just creates a interface where it looks like the designer didn't try. This is the metro apps I've seen those "buttons" that are flat and have a border around text and possible a fill doesn't really cut it design-wise. No one is asking them to bring super special effects but a little more dimension and character would be nice for something that is as complicated as the desktop. Look at the blue glow on the hover/selection over the libraries compared with everything else that has been metrofied that just looks jarring. Some of the buttons aren't metro and same for a lot of the icons such as the folders.

    I also don't know why people would even call this the new user interface that everyone will adapt to. No doubt people will learn to adapt but it is not new. The metro screen is new, but the desktop is not. It looks and feels mostly the same. With tweaks here and there. The difference being the menu is hidden and with no real good replacement in removing the start button. We basically get a bad face-lift with all the user-interface elements being as flat as they are. It just doesn't work in this environment all that flatness you can hardly understand the different states of change or distinguish items. The taskbar already had an issue for me visually.( The hovers were not as clear as they could be, the stacking of windows and seeing the various windows of a program. Seeing what was being used at the moment doesn't show screenshots after a certain amount. Which program is being used identification just small visual cues like those. )

    Long story short it needs to go back to the drawing board. Desktop is not the same as a phone and the flatness just won't work with the complicated multitasking you might do on a desktop. Their design seems like an after thought.
    Well, the changes in Windows 8 will need time to digest and understand. Sure, icons are flatter and the UI is flat, but let me propose a question. Should you be wowed by the User Interface or be wowed at the results of what the UI can do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    ...Speaking of such, back then when 95 introduced the new Desktop, we gained a new UI and lost DOS. ...
    Not quite correct. Windows 95/98 used DOS 7 and it was quite easy to boot to DOS, with a modification of MSDOS.sys - a text file under these versions of Windows - and the run Windows by typing Win. MSDOS dependencies didn't really disappear until the NT kernel made an appearance.
    True, but I'm talking about the 9x series of Windows until NT came along. Once that came in, Windows 2000 happened and DOS was gone as a main part of Windows code, only to be a shell.
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    I'm kind of liking the UI except....

    -get rid of the window control button design, it's so tacky! Replace them with an X icon, as in IE9's tab control button, a clean rectangle, and a dash centered by the rectangle. I don't like how Windows 8 has buttony effects when you click on something. You should click on a text wrapped around a line and that little button ICON should show a color, like if your Start Screen is red, the icon would be red when clicked. It needs metro design.

    -I hate the up button, superfluous next to the breadcrumb nav bar. I don't like the File menu, superfluous when the three main items can be in the Home and View tabs. Put a large back button and a smaller forward button it it's place. Remove the nav bar and search bar, them place a consolidated search and nav bar next to the row of tabs, so some screen estate can be recovered. More file details should be shown on the bottom of a Windows Explorer window.

    -Make it more metro in general, as in, genuine metro design and not just simply flat icons.

    -Remove the Aero iconography and replace with metro icons and true to life icons. For example, in PC Settings in Devices, it has generic device icons, it would be much nicer if it had a picture of the actual device if possible.
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    The more I play with Win 8, and the more I learn about it, the less
    chance it will EVER have of becoming my main OS.

    NOT gonna happen.
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    In design you need both function and beauty. Unfortunately, the user interface does not do anything that wows me either in function or in aesthetics. Their design feels and looks lackluster. I'm sure they put a lot of thought into it but the result doesn't show anything special. I'm not saying you will never learn to use the operating system of course you will if you wanted to. However, they have made it harder not easier to use which is the whole point of developing the experience you don't develop it to be harder to use which is what I feel they have done. A lot of the problem with why they have not converting the whole system to metro iconography and full on flatness is because it just can't exist in all that flatness. It will look and feel as if they just pasted their old windows skin from way back in the days of 3.1 or so where things were flat in a bad way. Which is what their vision of metro on the desktop and tablet has done. The flatness is hard to digest when you have all the multitasking and buttons. Why they haven't gone full on metro is because certain functions would be even more confusing to look at being flat, the various states of transition would also be difficult to see. The icons would be hard to distinguish because a lot of the iconography that has been established by them and other programs rely too much on detail and effects to make their icons recognizable. Of course this is my own opinion so I am not trying to state it as fact.
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    As long as it's skinnable to hell and back, colour me just mildly annoyed.

    Also, wonder how the "every single program & document on the desktop" people will fare.
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Creating the Windows 8 user experience
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