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What's wrong with Windows 8

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    What's wrong with Windows 8

    For weeks - if not months - I've been trying to come up with a way to succinctly and accurately explain why, exactly, Windows 8 rubs me the wrong way, usability-wise. I think I finally got it.

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    I'm in total agreement - at this stage. But I still remain loyal to Windows and its future. I am desperately hoping that, for the sake of dedicated desktop/stationary users, there will be an easy switch in the final release. I know there are already "fixes", but I still wish to see it built in as a single click or, better, a start up option.
    Having burbled that, unfortunately, for me at least, being able to boot into the normal, legacy desktop does not offer me enough improvements to wish to move on to Windows 8.
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    Ummm, it's called different methods of app switching. The author says you have to go the Start Screen, go to the Desktop, and click on the next Chrome tab. Well, you can easily drag the mouse pointer to the top or bottom left corner, click, and you should be back in Desktop if that's the only thing you have running.

    I am starting to see Windows 8 and a transitional OS where it clings to the old, but bringing in the new.
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    Interesting way of describing it.

    I made a mini version of win8 to run in PE.

    It boots to the desktop - none of that start screen rubbish.

    Of course, there is no start menu included - the code has been ripped out of explorer.exe - same with pin to taskbar.

    It doesn't matter. Classic shell is a great start menu - you can do everything you want with that.

    I can switch to system recovery options and back to desktop at will.

    Nice to have transparency running as system in there too.

    He is right that MS is trying to force things onto customers that the majority clearly don't like.

    You might think that is crazy.

    However, because they are monopoly,and because the average user may not fully realise what is going on - MS may get away with it.

    We shall see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post

    He is right that MS is trying to force things onto customers that the majority clearly don't like.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ This!

    Except the IT business and enterprise folks have the muscle to push back and give MS a death blow if they want, it might happen if this STUPID metro UI is forced on all those that DO NOT WANT ANY PART OF IT!

    Hey MS give THE CUSTOMER what they want.....a one stick and click solution that gives users the option at initial set up of choosing the classic desktop as default or metro.
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    We are the Microsoft, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile. Sometimes is does seem like they are going to just do what they want regardless of what you or I or anybody would like. I don't claim to be in the know, but some of what they are doing just boggles the mind.
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    They area definitely trying to push their product onto people. At the same time I can understand it because as a business you don't want to admit you are wrong or that your idea isn't as good as you think it is. But their product is flawed. Basically what the guy pointed out is what I am saying is wrong with windows 8. I fall into their mobile targeting group. I don't hate change so I am not angry about things being different.

    The problem is they are making things harder for users, instead of what they should be doing. They should be making things easier. Agreed with the charms bar issue which I full experienced yesterday trying to organize my pictures it just gets in the way. Getting to the parts of the start menu I need aren't as easy and I have to go into metro to launch a program that works in the desktop. It doesn't even make any sense. Metro should be for metro based programs. Not desktop programs but every time I install a desktop program it get's put on the clutter that is the metro start screen.

    I especially agree that there is no replacement for the start menu. The start screen isn't even inside the desktop environment so it doesn't even make sense to think of it as a replacement. Also it makes it harder to get to stuff that should be as they put it at a glance.
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    Here is my take.

    They are not targeting the Power User. They are not currently targeting the corporate user. They are making an OS that will advance their agenda. The "average" user will just get whatever operating system is currently being sold on pre-built PCs and laptops. They will struggle with the learning curve regardless, to some level. They will not switch to an alternative OS, but rather make do.

    The Power user will either like, and adopt 8, or stick with 7. And/or install 7 when they need a new PC.

    The corporate user will do the same, in fact, for those still on XP who have been waiting, this may finally push them to switch to 7, as they now see there isn't a better alternative forthcoming.

    To be honest, for all but the most experienced users, there will be no other OS to use, but whatever flavor of Windows is available. The vast majority will not switch to Linux, or buy a Mac.

    You can be sure that while MS might seem to be misguided, they do have a comprehensive strategy. And they do realize they have a "captive" user base.

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    I don't see his problem
    My experience with Win 8 DP and CP is that I kan Alt-Tab from Metro UI to Chrome
    I don't have to FIRST go to desktop and then to Chrome
    And also as one guy mentioned you have the fast app switching menu on the left side.

    I see many complains that the Metro UI is not made for mouse, but... I have used it, for days. I had to weeks of using Win 8 CP where I didn't use Win 7 at all, I had absolutly no difficulty using Win 8, it actually felt easier and faster.
    I can't see any problems with using mouse in metro, it is sort of like a desktop but with very large icons.

    If you just give yourself a little time (Took my something like 15 minutes to search up som info about the new interface and get used to using it) to get used to the new way to navigate you will use Win 8 at the same speed and ease you used Win 7, perhaps even better.

    I am just talking about my personal experience so don't say things like "You're wrong"
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    I agree, it's not difficult to learn a new OS, take and hour or so , big deal. If you got a mobile device, use metro, if you got a desktop, use the desktop mode, it's not rocket science.

    Now the question is, for all of desktop users, is windows 8 going to be a worthy update above windows 7, that remains to be seen and of course at what price. Also I can see business staying away from windows 8 completely, unless the business is running mobile devices.
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What's wrong with Windows 8
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