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FCC approves Net Neutrality rules

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
    I was under the impression that this law would make it tough for small "mom and pop" websites to compete with larger websites. My understanding is that this law kind of equalizes the payment scale for all web servers, thus smaller sites will have to take on the burden of supporting larger web sites. That was my take, but I could be wrong.
    That's exactly what Verizon, ATT and Comcast want you to think. That way they can charge a premium for preferred access and speed.

    With the rapidly expanding dependence on the internet and continued movement to paperless everything the internet must be regulated like an essential utility. Power Generation has been regulated for longer than I can remember and the Power Companies have and continue to do quite well.

    I think it is interesting which FCC members who voted against it.

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    Comparing internet regulation to power regulation is a bad analogy. Power companies have a monopoly on providing power because no one is going to build separate power plants and power lines in order to compete, so some amount of regulation is needed to make sure they don't rake their customers over the coals.

    Internet can be gotten via phone lines, coaxial lines and satellite, so there is gauranteed competition.

    Personally, I think it's stupid to be enthusiastic about government bureacrats meddling in how the internet is run. If you like the internet as it is now, why would you want government involvement?
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    Quote Originally Posted by yu gnomi View Post
    Internet can be gotten via phone lines, coaxial lines and satellite, so there is gauranteed competition
    Yes, and a handful of the major corporations control the bulk of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by yu gnomi View Post
    Personally, I think it's stupid to be enthusiastic about government bureacrats meddling in how the internet is run.
    And in the future, I will refrain from those types of comments if you will.

    We are dealing with fair and equal access. I dare say that over the years the government has invested untold billions into the internet through subsidies, grants, tax breaks and the like. The people are the government and the people have a reasonable right to fair and equal access to this indispensable tool.

    This is about making as much money as possible, make no mistake about it.
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    Just wandering, what does that mean for others than USA ?
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    Hi therte

    Outside the US competition (at least in W.Europe) seems to be working fine -- even in the UK which probably is more like the US in business models and practices than most other EU / EEA countries.

    You can get some very good UNCAPPED (I.e Unlimited) deals on decently fast broadband in the UK these days -- some for ZERO (you only pay around 25 USD for "Line Rental") . --Talk Talk, Virgin, B.T, SKY are 4 UK providers who are doing this --. there may be more.

    Monopoly is usually ALWAYS bad when it's not what one might call a "Natural Monopoly" such as utilities for Water, Gas, Electricity - although even here a "Free Market" can "Sort of work".

    We also have to remember that if Corporations DON'T make money who will supply jobs, infrastructure, R&D investment and funds to provide for people's Pensions etc. The trick is in managing this type of activity so Corporations are part of a RESPONSIBLE community rather than just going all out for sheer GREED. Not an easy one which is why Politicians exist as well - as there are all sorts of ways of managing or mis-managing this type of stuff.

    From most of my travels over the world usually where there is a Monopoly situation works bad for the majority of the consumers of a service apart from those who work in it.

    If people like COMCAST are horrible then other services should be allowed to compete with them and let the market decide.

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    Just my opinion---

    Whenever Government sticks their finger in something it ends up fubar.{or snafu}

    There is a reason acronyms exist.
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    In Serbia, we had until recently (5 years ago) monopoly form of PTT (Post, Telephone and Telegraph), government owned company that was sole "Importer" of internet and all the providers had to use their facilities and internet links. Ever since their monopoly was reduced, many new providers with their own links to "outside world of internet" sprung up, some still using that infrastructure (ADSL) but most their own, including TV cable companies. Since then Internet network grew up many times over, with many new, independent providers. Our version of "net neutrality" is regulated by law only in context of PTT, the rest (private companies) are left to do as they please and very rarely you can feel some "chocking" of services like IPTV. I have one internet provider but can stream from 3 IPTV providers and one of them is from directly competing internet provider which is handy because there are only 10 or so real, over the air TV stations.
    No less than 4 mobile phone providers and few stationary but wireless phone operators have their own 3G internet networks with 4G only now starting up. BUT (capital letters intentional) internet service is nothing to write home about, averaging 15/2 Mbps so all that "internet freedom" didn't bring much in terms of speed and price.
    There are some talks in parliament to label internet as "Essential service", like electricity, telephone and TV service (meaning they can't be withheld from and have to be to anyone) but with today's conditions I'm not holding my breath. With all of that, there's estimated only about 60% of households permanently connected to internet although there are twice as much active mobile phones numbers as grown up inhabitants.
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    The problem in the States is we used to break up monopolies, now the bigger and more controlling one corporation is over a service, the better.
    I don't trust corporations to do the right thing (maybe less) than I do the government. I always think back to the Canadian Sci-Fi series "Continuum" in these situations. I think it is prophetic .
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    The FCC has posted the rules and at the last minuet have removed the interconnect companies from regulation.
    You local ISP will be regulated but the carriers that carry the data across the world will not be. That way Netflix can cut a deal with a carrier for special service to stream their direct feed across the world to your local ISP and the ISP has to accept it as received. So when your local ISP gets bogged down the FCC will step in and make the ISP increase its bandwidth and YOU will pay the price. Don't you just love Gov cluster****s.

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FCC approves Net Neutrality rules
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