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Senate Committee Probing Windows on ARM Browser Complaints

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    Senate Committee Probing Windows on ARM Browser Complaints

    A Senate committee is looking into complaints about restrictive browser settings within the Windows on ARM version of the upcoming Windows 8 OS.

    As first reported by The Hill, the Senate Judiciary Committee is examining whether Windows RT, a version of Windows 8 optimized for ARM processors, runs afoul of any antitrust regulations.
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    Senate Committee Probing Windows on ARM Browser Complaints | News & Opinion |

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    Interesting. I put my 2 cents always against Microsoft when it calls for it, but I don't understand how/why governments make them make their product certain ways.

    They don't make anyone buy it and they never have. If the user doesn't like how it is, don't buy. It really is that simple.

    MS doesn't need me defending them. They're worth infinitely more than I am. Forcing them to make software other than the way they want is not right. They (should) have the freedom to create and we have the freedom to buy.

    If Mozilla or Google do not like it (I am huge Mozilla fan), then they should create their own operating systems to compete with Microsoft, and then they can make it anyhow they want. I mean real OS, not the Chrome OS thing.

    Thanks for the news, Brink.
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    Like I said before, Microsoft doesn't want ANY third-party application in RT desktop enviroment. They only have it because A) not all of windows 8 and Office has been made Metro-compliant, and B) they're still figuring out how to manage when multiple windows are needed.
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    Did I just wake up in an alternate dimension of the 1990s?....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Did I just wake up in an alternate dimension of the 1990s?....
    Nah, just the effects of the normal passage of time ensuring a cosmic balance and cycle. All of existence is a pendulum swinging between extremes.
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Senate Committee Probing Windows on ARM Browser Complaints
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