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Why the desktop PC is far from dead

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    Why the desktop PC is far from dead

    Pundits love making bold proclamations that things are dead, and if the commentators are to be believed, the desktop PC needs to get ready for the biggest die-off since the dinosaurs. The idea is that the more agile notebooks are leaving the lumbering desktop PCs in their dust.

    Do the people who make these boldly overconfident claims even use PCs?

    Don't worry, the desktop PC isn't going anywhere. Yes, I know that the bottom has fallen out of PC sales in general - with desktops being harder hit than notebooks - and people nowadays find tablets and smartphones to be far more exciting, the desktop PC isn't going anywhere.

    Here are just a few reasons why:

    Read more: Why the desktop PC is far from dead | ZDNet

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    So true!!

    For serious work I much prefer using a desktop where everything is there including peripherals etc I require, something breaks or needs upgrading, easily done.
    Laptops do offer some portability but not easily fixed. Hate the keyboards, with my large fingers having problems typing without hitting 2 or 3 keys at a time.
    Tablets etc, forget it, using those built in keyboards turns me into a one finger Joe, not very productive.

    I guess it all boils down to is what you want to do and what your needs are.
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    It may seem like people are getting more mobile and moving on to the laptop or the tablet or there phone but when it comes to doing certain things such as gaming the standard of having a computer tower next to your desk is not going away anytime soon. It is actually easier to deal with a tower as ive noticed some laptop these days don't even have a cd or dvd included when you buy a computer from a place like best buy or wherever.
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    To a portion of the computer market (enthusiasts, gamers, hobbyists, etc...) the desktop will never die but to a large portion of the market, "Joe Consumer", the desktop is already dead. Most of the people I know that I consider "average" computer users no longer own a desktop, they have a laptop, tablet and phone. They use their phone and tablet as much as possible and only use the laptop to do some tasks that can't be done on their other devices.

    These people don't care about repairability, customization, power, etc... as listed in the article. Their phone, tablet and laptop do everything they need/want to do and a desktop takes up more space so they got rid of it.

    I work for a large corporation and very few people in my company have a desktop. For the most part, we all have laptops. I have a Core i5 laptop with 8GB of RAM that is inserted into a docking station where I have an external display, keyboard and mouse. When I am working, it is no different than if I was working on a desktop, as the experience is nearly identical.
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    Yes, the laptop is the new desktop for most people. Those bulky, beastly, humming tower things are soo from the 90's...
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    The desktop PC is here to stay.

    Buggy whips!

    There is plenty of life left in the Desktop PC market ... but as with everything, it will go
    Just like the buggy makers became automobile makers, the PC makers will become the xC makers
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    If I could buy a laptop with a dvd player, and 32-64gb of ram and a decent cpu speed, at a decent price I'd ditch a desktop in a heartbeat. There are just some tasks with graphics, photos, video and cataloging that simply can't be done with today's limited capacity, and not many can afford 5k for a computer that at best gets 4-5 years of hard use. My new laptop is maxed out at 16gb ram, no dvd, lesser cpu speed than my 3-year old desktop, so it's use is limited to those times I'm on the road....and multi-tasking with graphics is just not able to be done. Think even though there are many who don't use a computer like I do, most of them don't own a laptop either but a tablet and/or phone....very different needs than traditional computer users. Speed, capacity and economics will always play a role in determining how fast the desktop dies, imho.
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    When I was working I had a desk with a desktop PC or a laptop with docking station.

    My posture was better as I could use an ergonomic seat. I used to get up from the desk more often too, and move my eyes from the screen for exercise. Lots of positives.

    Now I'm a laptop user with worse posture, but at least I'm not working any more .
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    I miss my desktop machines. But I can see the attraction of removing them especially if you don't have to do stuff like programming. For one thing, with mobile you can park your butt somewhere and use someone else's WiFi instead of paying the vig for broadband to plug into the router for the desktops.

    I guess I should try to find a full sized keyboard that folds up or something. I use a mini that I keep in my Laptop bag. Although it is better than the built in Laptop keyboard it's still a bit klunky. I'm not a great typist anyway. I need all the help I can get. This USB mini has the advantage it's only $8. But still..

    Now I'm a laptop user with worse posture, but at least I'm not working any more
    I guess there's always a bright side.
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    I will never give up my desktop. There are just too many advantages. First every (decent) desktop PC comes with the flexibility to replace parts as you please. Don't like the monitor anymore, well just get a new one. Same applies for all peripherals like the keyboard etc. Second when it comes to computation power nothing compares to a desktop PC. And if the performance does not meet your expectations anymore it's also no problem to replace certain components like the graphics card with something more powerful. And last but not least the portability that is commonly associated with laptops does not really apply to my needs. If I had a laptop that does what I want it would probably run for half an hour on battery :-) Laptops are great for doing office work while in a train or if you have to change your working place on a regular basis. But that's just not what I need.
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Why the desktop PC is far from dead
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