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Will Windows 10 make it

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    I for my part have no complaints. I use the internet from a virtual Linux system. I have no need for internet in Windows 10 TP which also runs in virtual. And without internet they cannot track anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    I for my part have no complaints. I use the internet from a virtual Linux system. I have no need for internet in Windows 10 TP which also runs in virtual. And without internet they cannot track anything.
    That's what I did to my Visual Studio system, completely sandboxed from the internet. No dialing back to MS to reveal all my source codes...
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    After what I saw here I think it can make !

    Windows 10: The Next Chapter
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    New ways to shove Metro into your face...
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    Windows 10 HAS to make it ...
    Microsoft has deep enough pockets to make it make it ...

    Most people don't want to beat up on Microsoft anymore
    - Windows 8.1 is a fine OS. It got off to a bad start and people cried "There's no start button" - Picayune, not technical arguments.

    Technical writers are already saying good things about Windows 10
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    After watching the MS feed today, Windows 10 will do just fine. Will run on everything from Phones to the new 84" 4K Surface Hub and everything in between. Even has a Start Menu. It will be "awesome"

    Free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 the 1st year after release, so I look for a big jump that first year.

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    I'm a natural born skeptic. Have been for 71 years and I doubt I'll change anytime soon.

    I was a moderator on the old Windows 8 forum, and with all the complaints I'd have to say that Win-8 was a disaster.
    Windows 8.1 was MS's salvation. It works! What more can we say? And with the "Classic Shell", it works even better.
    It allows a person who's old XP PC has shot craps, to buy a brand new PC and still feel at home with a look they recognize.

    I've set up many new PC's for my customers, which came with Windows 8 or 8.1 and the first thing I did was install the Classic Shell.
    Without that, the new PC would have been taken back to the store for a refund.
    A friend who works for Office Depot, told me they get about 30% of the Windows 8 or 8.1 PC's returned as unusable. I get that!

    Even with Windows 10 which looks like it's going to be a Keeper, I still install the "Classic Shell" because older users want a look and feel that they are familiar with, not some new thing that makes a home computer look like a cell phone.

    It appears, from my limited experience with Windows 10, that it's going to be able to be installed on almost any PC. It's installed and working GREAT on my own 10 year old, home made Desktop PC.

    As with any OS, Windows 10 will run better on PC's that have at least 4 GB of ram memory installed and a good, fast, SATA II or III hard drive.
    But apparently it will run OK on systems with much less.

    The hardware driver package that comes with Windows 10 is excellent. It even picked up my Epson XP-410 printer, with no problem.
    But then, Epson has always been quick to provide MS with all the latest printer drivers, unlike HP and some other brands.

    It will be interesting, to see what MS does with Win-10, between now and the final release. Can't wait!!!

    Cheers mates!
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    I will upgrade my 8.1 license. But I'm not so keen on 10. If I can triple boot 7/8/10, I will most likely use 7/8. 10 will be just there to "future proof" the machine.

    Next, I don't understand the extra complications in W10, like an additional fullscreen button on the top right corner. What's up with that? Usually fullscreen apps will go full screen when I click maximize, so no need for an extra button there... Also, Cortana. Big lol, why do I need to type "what's the weather like in NY?" into the search box when a simple, "NY weather" will do? This natural human language thingy, why the extra complications and keystrokes? Als, what really felt weird was, "so how are you today Cortana?" when all you're talking to are transistor gates, not a real life person... The only thing I was impressed about W10 was the new minimalist settings app iconography.

    But, W10 is full of irony, b/c in the quest to create a minimalist OS, MS manages to introduce extra complications like the above...
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    I like Win 8.1 and I'll upgrade to Win 10 ASAP...
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    Hi there

    IT WILL make it so long as people who want to use their desktop / laptop systems in a professional workplace as a "Classic Computer" can turn off / hide all the tiles and other "metro" stuff.

    Metro apps which work as normal windowed applications are fine provided they can be launched from a classic type of start menu.

    For touch / tablets/ convertibles W10 is beginning to shape up.

    I know it's a WIP - but so far so good.

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Will Windows 10 make it
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