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Windows 8: How to touch-enable your existing PC without breaking the..

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    Windows 8: How to touch-enable your existing PC without breaking the..

    Windows 8: How to touch-enable your existing PC without breaking the bank

    By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
    April 27, 2012, 9:00am PDT

    Summary: Its easy to touch-enable your existing PC without breaking the bank. Heres one recommendation, but there is one downside to note.

    Question from the Hardware 2.0 mailbox:

    Ive downloaded and installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview onto my desktop PC and Im very impressed with it. One thing I wish I could experiment with was the touch interface. The trouble is, I dont have access to a tablet system, and I dont want to buy one yet because I think theyll get better by the time Windows 8 is out for real.

    Is there a way I can touch-enable my existing PC without having to throw the whole thing out, and without having to sell my kidney?

    Yes, there is a way, and its actually quite simple to do. You can replace your existing monitor with a touchscreen panel. And it wont break the bank in the process.

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    Hi there....

    And on a setup like that how would you enter spread sheet data into cells via a Touch screen without

    a) your nose almost having to touch the screen
    b) without your arms getting hideously tired
    c)without needing a visit to the doctor -- cramp and other probable muscle and body strains --
    d) with that nice screen after a few smeery finger marks on it what happens when you want to watch a nice movie/tv show / video / dvd.

    C'mon guys Touch screens don't have much place on a "Traditional" workstation with a large monitor (or a laptop / netbook attached to one or more of these).

    Tablets / smart phones are a different matter.

    The only places where large touch screens are possibly a viable option are in places where you can use the application in say "Kiosk mode" like those screens at airport terminals or for booking tickets at railway stations where data entry is fairly short and simple and transactions small. Truck drivers checking waybills in and out of warehouses also could be another use but a Scanner or smart hand held device which captures one of those "funny square images" is probably more likely as the truck driver just presses his way bill against the scanner.

    (Anybody on these forums who have used the Eurostar train service will have used these when checking in -- you print the ticket on your PC and just press the image against the scanner when you arrive for your train).

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    I think I'd rather try one of those big touch tablets that you draw on with a pen/stylus.
    Intuos5 Professional Pen Tablet | Wacom Americas
    Assuming you could actually afford one that is. I'm sure there are cheaper ones, the above link is just an example of what I'm referring too. If I were intent on having a touch screen replacement on my desktop PC I think this might be one way to go. No finger prints on your monitor either.
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    I'm not even thrilled about touchscreen or onscreen keyboards for that matter. But still wanted to take a look at what you would see in 8.

    Click image for larger version

    With a touchscreen for the home pc the buttons are pressed onscreen for that layout while you can still use a mouse moving the cursor over each as you go along for those who want the ease of eye strain late at night to verify spelling, etc. or simply a one key at a time typer! When giong to type a reply to this would you want to keep pressing the keys on the screen's keyboard or leave far more room for viewing?

    The onscreen keyboard is certainly not the newest thing seen with 8 by any means! Neither is touchscreen! To radically strip away the familiar items on the desktop OS however is one big gambit by MS however!

    Fortunately for 3rd party help programs like Start menu 7 will ease the burden for the typical user who now will only have to click the large desktop button upon each startup to get to the desktop and still have a Start button! The main thing about the article here however is not "breaking the bank" just to see touchscreen added to your present system for the cost of one item being the lcd IF you DO want touchscreen available?!

    Well one place where a dual monitor setup one a touchscreen as the article indicates and the other a what? a large projection screen hanging on a wall would be a class room! Your instructor or teacher presses on one screen while you view the other. That certainly wouldn't necessarily be "Bank Breaker" but a low cost solution for some place already equipped with a large projection screen to begin with.

    At the majority of ATMs you already use what? Touchscreen! Not so with the first ones while the latest machines are that as well as in retail store while those displays are what 3" by 5" where you answer Y for yes or N for no. The obvious gui changes in 8 while not favored while simply enable both touch and mouse support while the move to eliminate the Start menu just to see the Start screen added? is a mystery in the MS mind there!
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Windows 8: How to touch-enable your existing PC without breaking the..
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