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Microsoft hones its plans to try to close the app gap

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    Microsoft hones its plans to try to close the app gap

    As 2014 comes to a close, Microsoft still hasn't made much of a dent in closing the app gap -- at least on the mobile front -- between Windows and other operating systems.

    Plan A for getting more apps on Windows, and especially Windows mobile, devices remains moving to the Universal App model, which will enable developers to get closer to Microsoft's long-standing write once/run on any Windows promise.

    Earlier this year, rumors began circulating that Microsoft had a Plan B, via which it would enable Android apps to run on its Windows and Windows Phone operating systems. From what sources are saying, this Plan B is still a possibility with Windows 10. (I'm not sure when and how Microsoft execs will decide whether or not to greenlight the Android-app plan.)

    But there are still other ways Microsoft is hoping to narrow the app gap.

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    Hopefully they don't go the Cnet route and accept any old crap(ware) or shortcut apps just to say "We have 1000^³ apps in our store", and go the route of majorgeeks or filehippo or Ninite where there are fewer but quality apps- some shareware -some paid - and some free, whatever one can afford.
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    Hi there

    Most of the apps on Google play are UTTER RUBBISH - of the few I've downloaded they are all FREE and usually are better than the "Pro" (i.e PAY FOR) versions.

    The other trouble about these hideous store apps is that they tend to update at will giving the user no choice - and in many cases the newer versions are either inferior or just don't work to the version you had before and there's no way of re-installing the old version.

    I DETEST with a passion this Store concept for Windows applications -- what was wrong with the current method -- you install WHAT you want WHEN you want it and you can archive old versions in case stuff doesn't work.

    Ms could easily add something to Windows like a compliance signature so programs wouldn't install unless they complied with the signature --rather like "signed drivers".

    The current methods of installing programs are just fine --"If it's not broke don't fix it".

    In any case having a store with gadzillions of apps costing a few cents will simply overwhelm M/S's accounting systems to say nothing of the horrors and logistical nightmares of being able to perform decent QC on any of these programs too.

    What works for "The Fruit company" isn't always going to cut it for other companies --different methodology, architecture, environment etc etc.

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    Oh yeah and one more gripe, they need to make it possible to delete My App history, instead of having to delete current account and then make a new account. I can't get rid of the junk(Mcafee for Lenovo, Ebay or any of the preinstall junk) that comes with a new oem computer.
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Microsoft hones its plans to try to close the app gap
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