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Playing the Wrong Hand With Windows 8

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    Playing the Wrong Hand With Windows 8

    Apr 23, 2012 6:01 pm Playing the Wrong Hand With Windows 8

    By Scot Finnie, Computerworld

    The PC is definitely not dead for Microsoft
    (and it won't be for a long, long time), but Windows 8 might hasten its decline.

    On a tablet that properly supports Windows 8, the beta version of the operating system shows the careful thought that Microsoft put into its design. It supports more elaborate gestures than other tablet operating systems. There's also a cool sidebar feature that lets you work on two apps at the same time. Some of the apps that Microsoft is creating for Windows 8 are a little too simplistic for my taste, and the library of third-party Windows Phone 7/8 apps has a long way to go, but I'm impressed with the design of Windows 8 on tablets.

    But with Windows 8, the medium is the message. Put the same Consumer Preview of Windows 8 on a desktop PC and the experience takes a step backward from Windows 7. It looks like the baby blocks of operating systems. Placing the Start button in a cloak of invisibility isn't a smart move. It shouldn't be difficult for Microsoft to display the Start button on desktops while not displaying it on tablets; I hope the company rectifies that before launch. Why relegate 17 years of common desktop user experience to the trash can? It's reminiscent of the Ribbon in Microsoft Office.

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    Good article. I feel safe in my prediction that the Start Button will appear in the final version of Windows 8.
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    The impression I get is that all this will be set up during the installation not later at the desktop. The installation will provide the options for Metro/touchscreen or standard desktop.

    At least we can hope that MS will play it smart or suffer rejection by many desktop users! The CP is still only the beta with an installer too close to the DP release back in September.

    We'll be getting a better look at what the finished will look like late next month however with the Release Preview scheduled to be out then. The CP is still only the quick look any beta will offer while not set in stone quite yet. MS has to play this one smart however or many will simply feel that they abandoned the desktop OS to make money on the mobile market!
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    Agree that during installation it starts with autodetect whether it is tablet PC or desktop. Then choose to run with metro or start button.

    Just a thought if we still have little room in making choice.
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    My guess is that the option for Desktop-only mode will only be in Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise.
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    Windows 8 was supposed to be seeing a Pro Plus as well as Pro edition. The next thing you hear is about the RT edition for ARM. MS simply combined all of the things you would expect in an Ultimate edition to phase that out apparently for 8.

    One thing for sure however is that we will have a better idea of just what options should be in the retail 8 next month. The RP is a lot closer to that then the CP would be where the options if any will be presented there.

    Due to two different types of platforms it will likely a choice of a standard desktop/laptop mode or laptop/notebook/netbook Metro type if any is to be seen. Or the installer itself which sounds even more likely will automatically set the mode once detecting which type of machine and hardwares the install is going onto eliminating the user choice option entirely.
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Playing the Wrong Hand With Windows 8
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