For our second release of Skype Qik, we’ve focused on addressing some of your top requests and issues. Many of you have requested to save your own videos to your phone. That way if you record something in Qik, you get to keep it. Tap on one of your own videos when you’re in a chat, and now you won’t just have the option to erase it, instead there’s a ^ menu where you can also save it to your camera roll or send it to another chat.

We’ve also made a boatload of small improvements in version 1.3, designed to make it easier for you to send messages. Plus, there’s a holiday surprise built into the app that you’ll see in the next day or two – give your phone a shake. Stay frosty!

Go download the update now from the Google Play Store and the Windows Phone Store. The iPhone version will be available in the next few days in the Apple App Store. And share your thoughts in the Skype Community, we love hearing user feedback.