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Windows 8: Fragmentation of the hardware ecosystem is inevitable

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    That's "all well and good" for retailers.
    I meant manufacturers.

    Remember the recent HP debacle(s)?

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    "Supply and Demand" is the key term there! If anything doesn't sell the OEMs lose out! But that's the risk when going to invest in any new technology where you can lose your shirt if things fall through.

    Of course for any large corporation that makes for a large write-off as part of the costs of doing business. If they sell on the other hand you will often the fast turnover of newer models.
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    I think that the fragmentation is intentional, to split Windows into The Old and The New. I think Microsoft wants developers to convert their programs to Metro, so that Microsoft is free to rebuild Windows for the redefinition of computing.

    i still expect legacy application support will hang around for a while, first as a pseudo-virtual machine like XP Mode, then as an option only in the Enterprise version.

    I don't know how long it may take, but my earliest estimate is for Windows 9 to have a brand new native development environment (Not Metro, nor the current environment with the DLLs and registry access and stuff), with Windows 9 Pro and 9 Enterprise being the only ones that offer legacy support.

    In which case Microsoft may bank on Windows 7 being in use in Enterprises for many years.
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    With 8 not seen with 7 MS will be adding the BitLocker and other tools only found in the Ultimate and Enterprise editions with 7 will be seen in the Pro and Pro Plus editions. As far as the XP Mode that was written for 7 while you can still run it on 8 but with the VMLite Workstation presently. The finished 8 may see a Vista Mode even as a possibility available for the Pro and Pro Plus ediitons.

    The "way of the Cloud" is where MS is focused as well as on the Metro for 8. Keeping this in mind MS is focused on virtual environments where you can simply assume all Legacy support would be confined to just the two higher end editions. Plus for virtual machines with the exception of the MS VPC where do you generally look for a virtual player? A 3rd party source!
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    This article is pretty much trash as far as I am concerned. It states the obvious and three of the 4 are not new at all. The biggest thing most consumers won't get is arm tablet vs x86 tablet. That is about all really. Everyone knows you can add a touch monitor to any pc to get a touch screen for certain features and that could be done back on like winxp so that is old news. And we all know win8 can run on a standard desktop nothing new there. So that only leaves tablets and we knew win8 would be designed for those but the biggest difference and only thing most consumers may not grasp is that an ARM tablet and an x86 are very different and that is what this article should have focused on. Instead they act like consumers have no idea what anything other than a traditional desktop is and claim that win8 will magically create some rift between varying types of hardware none of which is even new at all but they seem to think so.

    It sounds like anything other than a traditional desktop is new and alien to these people and so they feel that everyone should see it the same.
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    The ARM would be running the Windows RT there which won't run your typical Windows apps. That was a separate OS entirely being geared strictly for hand held apps. You're in a different ball park entirely for that.

    The largest "turn off" if you can label it that will simply be those objecting to the new Metro Start screen and loss of the standard Start menu people have grown accustomed to in each version since 3.1! For the novice just staring out on the other hand the new thrills seen in porables and hand helds used for calls, email, web browsing, and texting won't make it any burden.
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Windows 8: Fragmentation of the hardware ecosystem is inevitable
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