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Optional Update KB3000850

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoBo View Post
    What an egg MS laid this time.
    I have the paid version Avast also.
    Quote Originally Posted by youravinalarrrf View Post
    The Avast problem came to light pretty quickly probably because of the high number of users it has but I'm just wondering if there's any other software out there that's been affected by this update?
    To you and others that complained along these lines:

    There may be some software, including MS products that are affected by system changes. By far this is nothing new. If mankind could foresee mistakes there would be none.

    Clearly Microsoft didn't do enough testing of the update in real world scenarios before it's release and have been very shy at coming forward with an explanation for the problems so far.
    MS develops OS software that manages computer hardware, the navigation of, and configuration of the OS itself. They make changes to code and/or add additional code for the safety of or the ease of use of that system. Since when do they have to test every third-party software for running, use, and stability? Nay. Itís up to the developer to keep up with the changes, not the other way around. Changes and/or additions via Windows update are made monthly. Any developer needs to keep up with those. MS is more than happy to share those changes with developers.

    If it affects an MS OS or product, then one has a legitimate complaint. If not of the OS itself, then rather that MS didnít change the code in their program/product to meet those changes and/or additions.

    Looks to me that Avast dropped the ball, not MS.

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    Can you imagine if MS had to test every update against all the games out there?
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    On that linked page:
    Also notice that there is a prerequisite and a restart requirement for installing this update.
    My required update was done back in April but I see it installed again just after this update.
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    I've read of a few that had problems that didn't ever have Avast installed too.
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    I have 8.1 Pro Media Center on 2 PC's dual booting with 7 Ultimate and on those machines 2x 8.1 Pro Virtual machines. I use (d) Avast on them all except on VM which is using MS Windows Defender. All of them seemed to update fine except for a large amount of house keeping for several hours after the reboot. The problems came when I shut down, the machines with Avast 2015 stuck at "Stopping Services" (I have verbose status messages enables). After a forced reboot I used this tool Avast Uninstall Utility | Download aswClear for Avast Removal and after a couple of reboots all was well. There were HD errors which check disk fixed. The only VM without Avast was fine and had no problems. It is like when you install software the instructions often tell you to remove or disable virus checkers. Wonder if Microsoft should have mentioned that as Avast must have seen this as an attack on the system files and caused chaos. I don't use 8.1 all the time as I prefer 7 but I do take her out for a test spin for days at a time every week or two to run updates to browsers and this and that. Exactly for this kind of thing screws up the OS I can boot to the other OS and get a fix. I do like avast but wonder if with such a major roll up that could cause problems like this M$ should have warned us.
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    I know it should be standard procedure to turn AV off during updates but even after that, when Avast was installed it made same prblems, so it seems that Avast is sticking it's nose where it should not.
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    Tried this update this morning. Download within 6 minutes. Install failed. Tried again. Install failed. Tried for third time, installed within ten minutes.
    No problems with Avast free [2015]
    Only other issues were some customised folder icons had been restored to defaults, and it restored the folders which I had hidden in "This PC" folder.
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    i gave it a try a couple nights ago, went to bed. next morning it was installed, had to restart which took maybe 15 minutes.
    system seems the same, no slower,no faster, no differences.
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    My Avast will cause a small slide up window to appear at the bottom right of my screen if it thinks something bad is going on with a download or an installing.
    It says it thinks something bad is going on & asks if I would like to "Add an exception" to whatever is going on so the process can continue.

    I got no such warnings when downloading or installing the KB3000850 & the other one.
    Everything went well & still is.

    Maybe I'm just lucky.


    It seems some with & without Avast have had problems.

    That leads me to think that it might be something else is wrong.
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    I had problems downloading it, and finally it went through after I retried 3 or 4 hours later. But, after I successfully got the computer back up and running from a factory restore and a refresh, it wouldn't shut down again. It's driving me crazy with these sleep and power issues.
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