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Optional Update KB3000850

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    Just installed AVG free edition, had to do it via As administrator but otherwise no problems. Avast will have to do a lot of work to get back close to top again.

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    I also have Avast, latest paid version.

    I updated my 8.1 desktop and had all the above mentioned problems and lags. I let it do a automatic cleanup on boot or whatever it's called many times and still no go, especially when running control panel, it would hang for 10 minutes or so. I re imaged drive C 4 times and duplicated the problem every time.
    I finally was able to remove kb3000850 and thought all was good but have found it's only better or not soooo bad.
    I've got an image of the C drive that I've been restoring from.
    What an egg MS laid this time.

    I have the paid version Avast also.
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    I had no problem with the download. My machine was stuck at: “Keep your PC on until this is done. Installing update 1 of 1″ after the restart. After 2 hours and no start, I forced it to quit. Crossing my fingers I started normally to find that 3000780 had failed. I will not try again.
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    I took the plunge and installed it. Did have to turn off anti-virus (Comodo) as it wasn't doing much during the download portion except for high CPU usage and lots of disk activity. Assume Comodo was trying to scan the download in real-time causing a serious slow down.
    All went well after disabling it. Whew!
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    Quote Originally Posted by popeye View Post
    I took the plunge and installed it. Did have to turn off anti-virus (Comodo) as it wasn't doing much during the download portion except for high CPU usage and lots of disk activity. Assume Comodo was trying to scan the download in real-time causing a serious slow down.
    All went well after disabling it. Whew!
    Well that went smooth
    Had high disk usage and CPU activity while downloading and installing in mine too.
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    Hi there

    I was having the same issues as lots of others here, slow startup, network not being picked up. wouldn't shut down, wouldn't restart. displays would stay blank with only the mouse cursor on. Finally i read on my work laptop that others were having same issues and common theme was Avast antivirus / internet security, my main pc is the only one with Avast (paid for version) my htpc, wifes laptop, daughters pc and laptop all run F-secure (virgin media deal) all had been updated with latest m/s updates and no issues.
    Well the trouble i had actually getting Avast to uninstall, took nearly 3 bloody hours of messing around, let alone the 5 or 6 hours of trying to sort out and fix whatever had gone wrong but the second Avast was removed everything started to work again, could open control panel, run CCleaner and Malwarebytes, update Adobe Lightroom, start up shut down and restart all working again. I didn't need to go an have a 3 course meal while waiting for my wired network adaptor to be picked up either, its picked up as per normal now as soon as the lock / login screen appears.

    Keith W

    I won't be reinstalling Avast even though i've still got 9 months to run on my subscription.
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    No problems with update for me went in smooth maybe 15 min. and rebooted. Been 2 days. No Avast here though, one most hate Norton Internet Security, but gave me no issues with update.
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    Latest update from avast

    "We have been able to simulate the problem in our lab and I think we fixed this issue. This Windows updates calls new memory related functions which are not fully compatible with avast. We'll prepare EmUpdate with the patched driver tomorrow morning (it means, all & new avast installations should be patched immediately, that's how it works)."
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    Quote Originally Posted by LyndonH View Post
    As KB3000850 is a 'rollup' update, am I correct to assume that it contains ALL the patches released since the last 'rollup' update? I have applied all the important updates since I got my Windows 8.1 machine, so do I need to apply this one? Thanks.
    It is a rollup of previously unreleased optional updates, which fix specific things and unless your computer was affected by it, windows update would not even recommend it to you. It says optional, so no critical or recommended updates, it is most likely something like 8.1.2, silently released service pack.
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    After install this update I appears "hard unknown error ". Missing folders in all disk , no icon on desktop. Unistall update everything is Ok.What is the problem i dont know. 3 days fight the problem, but did not find solution. Please tell me where to look for error.
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Optional Update KB3000850
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