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Microsoft: Metro not just an Interface, it's a Philosophy

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    (Largely because there is concerted attempt by marketing monsters to denigrate the "Desktop" and make it seem old and useless. The more gullible are falling for that rubbish already )
    SIW2, don't you know that in the future, they're going to make the desktop main ui reimagined?!? haha

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    I actually appreciate simplicity but others have stated exactly what is on my mind. While typography can be beautiful with the font they have created and with how much easier it is just to click on an icon I don't see their idea working. Just by looking at their designs in windows 8 already proves that it is not a good working concept. It's hard to spot the typography without all the "effects" they claim is un-authentic. While I agree TOO much of the effects and it looks cheap. But what they are doing is even more cheap. A button is a Box with words in it? The type isn't even styled to look like nice typography and there is nothing authentic or original about a box with type inside. It looks boring and un-original. While it's nice to have flat iconography sometimes it just doesn't work that will. They just need to rethink their idea. It's nice to have simplicity but over simplification and it feels like we're going backward instead of forward. Their design works in very few environments usually when something can be extremely simple like a phone(and phones are already getting more powerful so they start behaving like computers) but on a desktop environment doesn't work. Even on a tablet it's very hard to distinguish and look at something as bland as the design they've introduced so far. The tiles are boring to look at and take up a lot of space on a screen without contributing much.

    The problem they have created is they introduced this new simple design but they have not translated it into something that works in a desktop/tablet environment where people expect to be easily navigate using the "tablet side"/metro side with the metro start screen doesn't even feel good to use as a tablet. In design the idea is to get things to work in the most basic form. However, with their design it does not accomplish this. Their typographic navigation can work however they have not made it work as of yet in their products. I've seen it somewhat work in the zune software but so far in the windows 8 consumer preview I don't see it. With all effects removed sometimes it's so hard to spot if you are even pressing the button or hovering over it. They need to either hire better designers or think of something that works with their philosophy in a desktop environment where things are much more complicated and look more complicated with much more buttons and interaction compared to a phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BarnabasSackett View Post
    Shouldn't have to press that key after boot. The choice should stick.

    Exactly. It should be a "one click" solution when the user boots up the OS for the first time ONLY. User can either select the
    Classic Desktop or Metro.
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Microsoft: Metro not just an Interface, it's a Philosophy
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