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Microsoft: Metro not just an Interface, it's a Philosophy

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    Choice would be a simple box to check or uncheck to enable or disable Metro. Microsoft won't do that because then it would be blatantly obvious that Windows 8 should have been SP2 for 7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post

    You are missing the point.

    MS have removed choice. They are forcing metro at users.They are doing that to coax/lead/encourage/force users into the MS clouds.

    That is why you cannot boot to the desktop. That is why they removed the start menu.

    That is what people don't like.

    Yes, it is possible to use hacks - third party apps. and lord knows what else to try to avoid to some extent what they are doing.
    No hacks needed. One simple key press after boot up and all is desktop.
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    Shouldn't have to press that key after boot. The choice should stick.
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    With a big problem like that I would certainly never use Windows 8 even if it came installed on a new computer :-)

    Actually if you only have one monitor just have a program that starts with boot. I have Performance Monitor (free) and DU Meter ($) starting on boot on my one-monitor system and it always boots to desktop.

    On my two monitor system I'm forced to hit that darn windows key, its such a pain but somehow I mange to make it through the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMan View Post
    Choice would be a simple box to check or uncheck to enable or disable Metro. Microsoft won't do that because then it would be blatantly obvious that Windows 8 should have been SP2 for 7.
    Which Windows 8 is not. Windows 8 is a stepping stone to a brand new version of Windows designed for the future of tablets and smartphone. Desktop mode is only there to ensure that users have access to their current applications. Once Metro applications and drivers become more prevalent, I expect Desktop Mode and the NT kernel will become an Windows Enterprise (and Ultimate) Edition-only feature, then discontinued completely.

    Only time will tell the truth, but Windows is going to become something different, something more suited to the future.

    Just think of it like when we moved from DOS to Windows. For many the transition was painful, but now there are very few people that would go back to a Command Line Interface as their main computer.
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    Hi there

    I think you are missing the point -- I'm sure even on a tablet (with a powerful enough processor) surely people will need sometimes to view multiple windows or multiple worksheets in an EXCEL workbook or simple compare one or more documents.

    Metro is fine for SINGLE WINDOW display like reading a book or casual surfing -- but until they get a decent system of Multi Window display --then forget it for serious users.

    On an Iphone or similar then single window display IS OK - but even on an Ipad I'd suggest there are times you want to view multiple Windows side by side.

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    It's not about choice, nor the user, it is just smoke and mirrors to describe a point upgrade from Windows 7 with yet another shell, which may just be another application in future versions of Windows.

    Take the phrase "Typography is the new Iconography". This is a truly profound statement - for lightness and speed, all the Metro "icons" are glyphs in the Windows 8 version of the TrueType font SegoeUIsym.ttf, (see here), instead of being packaged in various resource dlls. Each symbol therefore appears as a monochrome white, on a coloured background. We are almost back to the DOS command screen (onto which you typed a command directly, just like in Metro).

    The fast boot takes you to Metro Start - why? - because the desktop takes too long to draw consistently without the few seconds hesitation the user requires to make a choice, find the tile required, and start the application. Networks also take a short while to shake hands.

    Consistently, Microsoft's PR re. Windows 8 uses the phrase "no compromise" or something similar - they mean it - Metro is here to stay.

    The arrogance is immense, but we've come to expect that from Microsoft, and we still have a choice with the next PC we buy - either use the supplied Windows that's preinstalled, or do it yourself with someone else's OS, or something that is old and unsupported, and probably illegal.
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    Eventually you won't have much of a choice if you buy a new desktop or laptop. It will come preinstalled with Windows 8. Microsoft will count it as a sale of Windows 8, and then get even more money from you when you purchase Windows 7 to replace it. Sounds like a win win situation for Microsoft to me. Ironically if you buy a new tablet you should still have alternatives like Android. I, like a few other people, would like to see Windows 8 tailor itself to what its installed on. If you don't want Metro it would be nice to have an option to turn it off. I build my own desktop PC's so unless things change I'll just stay with Windows 7. My laptop runs 7 too and I won't be upgrading the OS on that either. I don't own a tablet, but would really like to have one at some point. Right now I'm undecided on whether I'd buy a Windows 8 tablet or not. The frustration factor while trying to use it on my desktop is really turning me off to it. It will be interesting to see what the final release of Windows 8 looks like.
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    They'll learn as sales drop off I guess.
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Microsoft: Metro not just an Interface, it's a Philosophy
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