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My Switch from iPhone to Windows Phone

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    My Switch from iPhone to Windows Phone

    When I joined Aptera, one of my friends had the Windows Phone 7, and he seemed to like it pretty well, but he was ex Microsoft so I dismissed it as brand loyalty. Recently, though, he got the new Lumia icon phone with Windows 8.0 and seemed very happy with it. I liked the screen size, the interface, the responsiveness, and the reported battery life. Don’t get me wrong, I love iPhone and what it did to the industry. I believe it paved the way for all the modern Android and Windows Phones by proving smart phones were a device people not only wanted, but would use practically every waking moment. However, iOS seemed to me to be showing its age. It was more of the same with no real innovations with any “wow” factor. And screen size: the Lumia just had the iPhone beat here.

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    Being in construction I've been cellular since bag phones. The best phone I've owned to date is my Lumia 1520 phablet. A very portable and handy device. I read somewhere that 1 out of 4 smart phones being sold today are phablet size. Even Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus. I recommend to anyone looking for a new phone to at least look at the Windows phone and a phablet size to boot. Pun intended.
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    I like the windows phones. In the very unlikely case that Blackberry phones are no longer useable I'd get a Windows phone.
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    To each their own, I would always chose iPhone or Nexus over a windows phone, if I am going to pay the bucks, I want something with the best apps.
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    When my contract runs out next year I'm going to check out what's available in the windows phone selection. Hopefully there will be something I like around the size of my Galaxy S3.
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    With enough converts, hopefully Windows Phone can someday break that 10% worldwide marketshare barrier...

    I imagine if I used a smartphone instead of just a dumb flip-phone (I use a TracFone), I wouldn't hesitate to look at Windows Phone. I don't know if the app gap would be a big deal to me.
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    I switched to Windows Phone at the beginning of October and have not regretted one day. I have the Lumia Icon which still hasn't been upgraded to 8.1, but the promise is there;O) So far, I've replaced every app with a comparable one on Win8 except for a decent shopping app....need an Out of Milk for Windows....and yes, I've informed them! I find the Icon plenty large enough but still able to carry in my jeans' pocket. Very easy to figure out, and I'm still on Win7 for computer. Also, the photos cannot be beaten, they are very good quality. I was leaving Droid, but almost was convinced to get iPhone for the Adobe apps. I discovered what they did and didn't do and turned to Windows8 instead. Conversed with my son (long time iPhone man) and he's converting, so became a no-brainer. Battery life is just plain too cool as well...typically two days before recharge and I use it a lot. Highly recommend - and this coming from a person who typically hates Windows (I'm a dos gal) and heretofore not a Nokia fan.

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    Hello, LafnSu. Welcome to Windows Eight Forums.

    Well, now we're up to 11% of the market share, then your son will make it 12%!

    All kidding aside, little by little Windows phone will gain market share. Now that MS licenses are free to manufactures a lot more of them are providing Windows phone. That makes the playing field more even.

    And yes, the non-sufficient amount of apps is no longer a reason, although I would agree at first it was. That's not to say all the apps are there yet. TouchTunes jukeboxes is one I'd like. My bank is another. I write them every so often to nudge them.

    I got MS Office phone version free, some OneDrive storage free, a lot of free apps, and other free services. Comparing oranges with oranges the Windows phone is way ahead.

    Thanks for posting your enthusiastic viewpoint and, again, welcome to the forums.
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    I do like my phone (was Windows Phone 7.5, now 7.8) but I do miss out on apps which some companies provide.

    For instance my bank has smartphone apps, but not one which would work on a Windows 7.x phone.

    I think Windows Phone 8 is better than mine in terms of compatible apps, but there are still organisations who only offer Apple and Android versions.
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    It's not the amount of apps that matters to me, it's which specific apps are available. 3 million apps don't help me, if the 5 apps I need for work aren't available.
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My Switch from iPhone to Windows Phone
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