Windows 8: Where's our hardware reimagined?

By Mary Jo Foley
April 5, 2012, 9:34am PDT

Summary: I want to see, touch or buy a Windows tablet that will get me excited about Windows 8. Six months or so from launch, there’s still nothing filling that gap.

Along with “fast and fluid,” one of the most (over) used catch phrases about Windows 8 is “Windows reimagined.” I’d assume we also are going to see some “reimagined” PCs, too, that will make using the touch-centric Windows 8 less painful and more compelling.

The problem is without these next-gen PCs and tablets, it’s hard for me — and I’d think others, too — to really grok how Windows 8 is going to work from running it on PCs and tablets that were designed for a non-touch-centric operating system like Windows 7. We need some PC and tablet makers to get these new devices out there now (with a free Windows 8 upgrade coupon).

Yes, I know you can run Windows 8 on a number of existing Windows 7 touch-enabled PCs and tablets. You also can run it on the Samsung tablet Microsoft delivered at Build in September and/or on the roughly comparable Samsung Series 7 tablet. Samsung just this week delivered drivers and guidance to make it easier for those with the Series 7 tablet to load the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on there. We’ve all seen demos of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, which transitions between a PC and a tablet, which Lenovo touted as a Windows 8 device. And Intel’s talking up all the supposedly great clam-shell touch ultrabooks that are in the pipeline.