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64-bit Firefox poised to launch in the near future

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    64-bit Firefox poised to launch in the near future

    There’s some good news for Firefox fans, as Mozilla seems to have finally decided on officially launching a 64-bit version of its browser.

    Mozilla has finally reached the conclusion that a non- x86 version of its popular browser is a good way to go. Citing the growing marketshare of x64 OS versions and the fact that both IE and Chrome now offer 64-bit versions, Mozilla will now focus on offering a similar version of Firefox.

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    Thanks looking forward to it
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    Good stuff, thanks for the info Shawn!
    (But I still like checking out the 'Cutting Edge' with 'Nightly')
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    Just run Waterfox .. 64 bit and identical to Firefox. You can do it right now. I did and I was pleasantly surprised.
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    too late, boys. even chrome is now 64 bit
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    I escaped Firefox crap (like Australis and x64 being restricted to Nightlies). Now I run Pale Moon.
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    Pale Moon +1

    I've been using PaleMoon as well since version 11 - mainly on XP x64 , and of course on Win 8.1 64bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edmscan View Post
    Just run Waterfox .. 64 bit and identical to Firefox. You can do it right now. I did and I was pleasantly surprised.
    The problem with Waterfox is that it's very slow to be updated. I finally gave up waiting like 2 weeks after that SSL man-in-the-middle attack was patched in the latest version of Firefox and Waterfox still hadn't been updated. I can understand skipping a lot of the minor releases Mozilla pushes out for Firefox which fix issues most people never even run into, but a serious security flaw not being addressed isn't something I can forgive. pcxFirefox had managed to be updated and that developer is still complaining about an unreliable Internet connection, so the Waterfox developer has less and less of an excuse IMO.

    There also seems to be issues with certain sites where JavaScript scripts run particularly slowly on 64-bit versions of Firefox. I noticed the same issue with Waterfox and pcxFirefox. Always on the same sites, so most likely something stupid the script dev for that site did, but still...

    I don't really understand what people get all upset about with the new FF UI. It's not really that different visually. It was much more of a backend thing to make it possible to keep developing FF in the future. Kind of like how MS had to toss out huge chunks of Windows when they created Vista because it just wasn't possible to take XP in the directions that people wanted Windows to go in after a couple decades of developing under completely different design goals and assumptions. Anyone who's done any amount of serious programming will know that sooner or later your program will go in directions that never even entered your mind as a possibility when you first started work on it. There also are times where it's just easier to toss everything out and start from scratch than try and retrofit your old code. One of the benefits to doing this is you can take all of the lessons you've learned about what does and doesn't work and apply them to the new code.
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    Personally, I'm not chomping at the bit for a 64-bit version. I have both 64-bit and 32-bit programs on my systems as I'm sure everyone else does as well. I haven't seen any clear advantage to having a 64-bit version of any program I use so it doesn't bother me to use a 32-bit version.
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    As an update .. I am now running Firefox 32 bit again, exactly for the reason above. I think just better support there.

    I really never noticed ANY difference between the 32 bit and 64 bit browsers. So .. 32 bit Firefox it will be until they release the 64 bit version.
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64-bit Firefox poised to launch in the near future
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