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Why Windows 8 Will (and Won't) Matter to Enterprises

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    Why Windows 8 Will (and Won't) Matter to Enterprises

    I've heard a lot of talk about Windows 8 in the enterprise lately. Some people say that the new "Metro" interface is so different that it will prevent enterprise customers from migrating to the new operating system. Others say iPads are the real threat to Windows machines in enterprise and Windows on ARM (WOA) tablets will enable Microsoft to fight back. I don't believe either of those things.

    Let me begin with the new user interface. As I've said before, I like it on tablets and have gotten relatively used to it on notebooks, but it just doesn't seem appropriate for desktops. For desktop users, I would like to see an option to go back to the old-style Start menu (which I doubt Microsoft wants) or at least some changes to the new Metro-based Start menu that would simplify some common desktop functions. But when all is said and done, I don't think enterprises will move to Windows 8 for desktops and traditional notebooks no matter what Microsoft does.

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    As has been said on numerous threads here, Metro isn't intended for desktop PCs so I don't see what the problem is. I use Win 8 CP 100% as my sole OS and once past the login screen never see Metro! Nor do I need to. I use Win 8 just as I did Win 7 and Vista.

    I really can't understand the fuss about Metro. Ignore it. The Start screen is optional for desktop users. You can still have shortcuts to your software on the desktop and task bar as well as to admin functions such as Control Panel and so on, so why use Metro? Someone will doubtless create a desktop shortcut for shutdown/reboot even.

    So Enterprises can migrate to Win 8 if they want but why would they unless Win 8 offered something Win 7 didn't? And anyway many businesses still use XP or NT or 2000!

    One area of interest is for a business to actually embrace Metro as a means to lock users out of the OS and customise their PC. Company functions and software could be integrated into a Metro screen that was idiot proof!
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Why Windows 8 Will (and Won't) Matter to Enterprises
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