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Hard Drive Reliability Update Sep 2014

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    Hard Drive Reliability Update Sep 2014

    At Backblaze we now have 34,881 drives and store over 100 petabytes of data. We continually track how our disk drives are doing, which ones are reliable, and which ones need to be replaced.

    I did a blog post back in January, called What Hard Drive Should I Buy? It covered the reliability of each of the drive models that we use. This month Im updating those numbers and sharing some surprising new findings.

    Reliability of Hard Drive Brands

    Losing a disk drive at Backblaze is not a big deal. Every file we back up is replicated across multiple drives in the data center. When a drive fails, it is promptly replaced, and its data is restored. Even so, we still try to avoid failing drives, because replacing them costs money.

    We carefully track which drives are doing well and which are not, to help us when selecting new drives to buy.

    The good news is that the chart today looks a lot like the one from January, and that most of the drives are continuing to perform well. Its nice when things are stable.

    The surprising (and bad) news is that Seagate 3.0TB drives are failing a lot more, with their failure rate jumping from 9% to 15%. The Western Digital 3TB drives have also failed more, with their rate going up from 4% to 7%.

    In the chart below, the grey bars are the failure rates up through the end of 2013, and the colored bars are the failure rates including all of the data up through the end of June, 2014.

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    Well, I have a hitachi chop saw but no hitachi hard drives. I believe the hitachi chop saw is as ggod as of the other top name brands out there, with that in mind, I think I will purchase a new hitachi hard drive the next time I need one. According to the graphs shown, they are outperforming the Seagate and Western digitals.
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    It's interesting that the Hitachi Deskstar line is showing good reliability since it is descended from the IBM Deskstar line (at least in name) which many referred to as the "Deathstar" line due to issues with those drives.
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    Seems about right in my case. Out of all the years I've replaced hard drives, I've come across SO many Seagate drives it's ridiculous. Very few have been Western Digitals.
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    A very interesting report. It's very hard to get reliable and non anecdotic information on consumer HDDs. The blog is in my bookmarks now.
    And I'm glad to have Hitachi(s)
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    A more interesting one though (if you are into it which I am) is the Google one. Much more well written. The result is (paraphrased by me) it doesn't matter what you do - they are all the same.
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    The table shows that the oldest drive on average is a Western Digital (Green) at 4.6 years. Lasting longer without failure is always better or am I reading this wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronster View Post
    The table shows that the oldest drive on average is a Western Digital (Green) at 4.6 years. Lasting longer without failure is always better or am I reading this wrong?
    For a better understanding, you should also check 2 other articles on the same blog :
    How long do disk drives last?
    What Hard Drive Should I Buy?
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    My worst drives have always been Western Digital. I try to stay away from them now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edmscan View Post
    My worst drives have always been Western Digital. I try to stay away from them now.
    I've only ever had 1 hdd that failed on me out of all those years I've owned computers since the 486 days. It was a WD desktop HDD. It died within 3 months of use. My Seagate laptop HDD is almost 7 years old. I've moved this laptop around alot while powered on and even dealt blows and shocks to it from clumsy elbows. I may jinx it by speaking too soon, but not a single problem so far with this Seagate...

    Of course, I can't speak for the Seagates currently in production as I hear their quality has gone down considerably since I purchased my Seagate 7 years ago. If there's one thing that's true, things never stay constant. Tomorrow's most reliable HDD brand may have been yesterday's worse (ie. Hitachi HDD's).
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Hard Drive Reliability Update Sep 2014
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