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Windows 8 To Contain New Anti-Hacking Software?

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    Windows 8 To Contain New Anti-Hacking Software?

    “Our group is on a mission to build a rich, powerful platform to help protect Microsoft products against piracy. Here is your chance to join a team of exceptional developers as we build an extensible cross-company platform to support this vision. This is a fast-paced group that rewards smart and motivated individuals.

    We are looking for an experienced software developer to help us design and build new anti-hacking mechanisms, hack detection, and work on the security processor driver. The work touches many layers of the operating system and includes opportunities for partnership with MS Research and other security teams at Microsoft to productize exciting innovations and ideas that help shake hackers and crackers off Microsoft products.

    It’s not for the faint of heart, but the diversity of the problem space in this area is rich in growth opportunities just waiting for the right candidate. You will have ample opportunity to diversify your skill set and grow. In this position, you’ll get a chance to work on many aspects of the platform, starting with an assignment to drive the design of our application and Operating System (OS) virtualization support. ”

    If software pirates, hackers and crackers always seem to be one step ahead of Microsoft it is in part because of the monumental position Microsoft holds in the technology area. It is a “badge of honor” claimed by some who feel that they have stuck it to “the man” by performing these odious tasks. Even when Microsoft has succeeded in locking down vulnerabilities, there is always the contest mentality of “I’ll bet I can hack into it.” Trinity would be proud.(see: The Matrix)

    The modus operandi for Microsoft is that they must keep up with hackers new methods and continue to innovate and design new security technologies.

    Some may consider anti-piracy measures similar to whistling in the wind, but that’s certainly not the case. I have posts in, and ConnectedInternet showing how in many cases Microsoft has foiled anti-piracy efforts. Many believe that piracy is relegated to just illegal copying or theft. But that is not the case. Virus distribution and embedded malware, and privacy intrusion are typical features that result from piracy efforts.

    Source: Windows 8 To Contain New Anti-Hacking Software? | Windows 8 News

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    Sorry to say this, but it will most likely be cracked anyways. Unfortunate, yes, but it's inevitable.
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    Hackers are always ahead of the game.
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    No software is totally uncrackable. Hackers will somehow manage to crack win8 again just as they did with W7 despite the WAT update
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    A valid point that emphasises the need to be vigilant. Make sure that your system is fully updated, and that you have both AV and firewall enabled and active.
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Windows 8 To Contain New Anti-Hacking Software?
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