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Toshiba throttling down consumer PC efforts

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    Toshiba throttling down consumer PC efforts

    Toshiba has always made solid PC hardware, but finding one of their devices may be a bit tough moving forward. Toshiba is announcing they are scaling down their consumer PC efforts, and pulling out of some markets entirely. The company is also cutting 900 jobs, or just over 20% of its non-manufacturing PC workforce.

    In a press release, Toshiba noted they will instead concentrate on their enterprise business. In expanding their product range and actively seeking new customers, Toshiba is anticipating a 50% growth in B2B by 2016.

    Update: A Toshiba spokesperson has confirmed to us that further details on which markets will be affected is incoming, but their US consumer business will remain as-is.

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    Bad move. Fujitsu already had enterprise cornered prior to this. Fujitsu makes excellent PC's when they're made in Japan... When I think Japanese consumer PC's, I usually think Toshiba or Sony (former). When I think businesses and enterprises, I usually think of Fujitsu. And when I think niche/luxury market, I think Panasonic Toughbooks, though Fujitsu also does some pretty amazing stuff in the high end like removable batteries in ultrabook convertibles with 4K resolutions!

    They don't tell you this, but the PC markets are saturated, which is why Toshi and Sony dumped their laptop divisions. That's b/c my DuoCore laptop that I bought 7 years ago meets my current needs pretty fine, and I plan on using it for another 7 years or until it goes kaput. Windows XP is just as good as 7/8/9, if not better. And we're no longer living in the days where next gen meant going from a 486 to a screaming Pentium! My C2D on XP runs circles around many current machines with Windows 8!
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    Hi there

    Anything I want or need on a PC is more than adequately covered by current models - most HOME or BUSINESS (Office worker types) Users don't need an i7 processor with a full 4K capable resolution screen for messing about with a few EXCEL spreadsheets, doing some Word documents or preparing a typical type of power point presentation. Even developers probably find current hardware meets their current needs - the one thing I see when I meet a lot of corporate developers in I.T divisions is that they all want MORE and BIGGER Monitors - to supply those is a relatively simple matter and doesn't require whole masses of hardware upgrades.

    I bought a Ms SP3 because that particular form factor suits me very well -- however the model I bought (i7) is probably way over the top for what I would actually use it for - and it IS expensive - I don't regret the purchase though. Mobile platforms are probably the growth area for "Laptop" type devices - the SP3 is the first really sensible one that does exactly what it is intended to do -- other "convertibles" have often had problems of useability - such as trying to get a Lenovo convertible to operate in tablet mode - the mechanism was never IMO designed by a REAL engineer !!!. using one of these out in the field.

    Any market gets saturated - for example mobile phones - so businesses reliant on shipping mega vast volumes of these products need to gear up to a different market -- high end low volume (but high profit) or a high volume cheap replacement market - and therein lies the rub - the cheap replacement market isn't going to do it this time.

    My trouble also with the typical "going cheaper" type of laptop is that they've still stuck pretty much to an overly large 15 - 16 inch screen size (hideous when travelling) and a low 768 X 1366 native screen resolution which is pretty poor by today's standards - especially when you consider the screen resolutions of some tablets and smartphones.

    Sure you can get some really cheap laptops - but I'm sure it would be really HIDEOUS to connect the low resolution to a nice 4K 60 inch monitor !!!!.

    At a job recently I actually declined a laptop upgrade since the OLDER one had a native resolution of full 1080p while the "newer" one had only a screen resolution of that wretched 768 X 1366 standard. It really DOES make a difference if you have to look at a screen for long periods - especially when reading / displaying / creating large amounts of TEXT.

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Toshiba throttling down consumer PC efforts
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