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Windows 8 Satisfies The Need For Speed

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    Windows 8 Satisfies The Need For Speed

    In the meantime, Windows 8 Consumer Preview was dropped on my doorstep – and, since there is some degree of SSD optimization built into Windows 8, taking the opportunity to race with this new engine was a natural fit.

    It’s been quite a race – Windows 8 is perceptibly faster on my hardware than on the same configuration running Windows 7. Not milliseconds faster – but, measurable faster. Still, there’s little real value in a single user’s Windows 8 running experience. Hardware is a variable – system configurations are variable – usage factors need to be considered, and so on.

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    I think that's a fairly accurate assessment, it certainly bears out my own tests. I have wondered how long it will be before be people start complaining that all their memory has 'disappeared'.
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    Was not my experience at all.
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    In my simple view,
    MS made WCP far more stable than WDP. No single BSOD, no shutdown problem so far, no problem with most desktop gadgets unlike WDP. Boldly say it as I installed it to 4 machines with different spec. I can feel it faster though I don't do benchmark.

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    That is in line with my own observations.

    One point he didn't make - booting to metro is not the same as booting to the desktop.

    It is a few seconds quicker to get what is in effect a mobile phone interface.

    A better test would be to time getting a workable desktop on both o/s.

    Windows 8 would still be quicker doing that if using hybrid boot.
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Windows 8 Satisfies The Need For Speed
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