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Microsoft patch KB 2918614 triggers 'key not valid for use

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    Microsoft patch KB 2918614 triggers 'key not valid for use

    As if we haven't had enough problems with last month's Black Tuesday patches, I'm now seeing complaints about odd errors thrown off by KB 2918614, the Windows Installer Service patch. At this point, reported errors include "error 997.overlapped I/O operation in progress," "key not valid for use in specific state," and "SECREPAIR: A general error running CryptAcquireContext MSI (s) (3C:10) [09:27:13:873]: SECREPAIR: Crypt Provider not initialized. Error:-2146893813."

    One Microsoft customer reports that with KB 2918614 installed, all attempts to install MSI files result in the error message, "The requested operation cannot be completed. The computer must be trusted for delegation and the current user account must be configured to allow delegation." There are also reports of duplicated IP addresses and upgrade hangs with UAC prompts.

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    It never ends!!!!
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    Getting a bit ridiculous. Although with all the different possibilities for PC configurations I'm kind of surprised we don't see it even more often. Not like Mac with their closed environment.
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    The good news is that Windows 9's updates reportedly will be handled differently - sorta as-and-when ...if that's the way I understand this article:

    Windows 9 to Put an End to ?Big Mammoth Updates?

    .. not sure exactly it only applies to "large" updates though...but perhaps they won't have the pressures of delivering on patch Tuesday any longer.
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    The MS q&a forum says it is not seen affecting a pattern of users instead random ones ,
    So should I uninstall this too or wait till installer fails..
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    . . .Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!. . .no problems here, nor have there been a problem since changing to 8.1/8.1..
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    No problems with my desktop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuccii View Post
    It never ends!!!!
    These arm-chair patch critiques are really sort of funny, I think. I think it is always wise to remember that "Reports of people who heard from other people, who themselves heard from still other people, who'd been informed by still other people, that...(fill in allegations here)" are not allowed in US courts as evidence/proof (that info is called "hearsay"), and such "reports" are themselves proof of nothing specific, even if it can be objectively established that anyone in fact made such a "report" in the first place...;) IE, saying or hearing that something has been "reported" is not proof of anything in and of itself.

    I personally had no difficulty with the patches. Last number I saw "reported" was "0.002% of patch installers have reported problems," etc. Next common phrase I recall in this context is: "mountains out of molehills"...;)...Ah, but that's the Internet, eh?
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    I have had the update since 1st September. I haven't experienced the posted problems.
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    KB2918614 is not showing on the Updates for me and not showing as installed on Win8.1.
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Microsoft patch KB 2918614 triggers 'key not valid for use
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