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Windows 8 gains market share as XP drops slightly

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    Windows 8 gains market share as XP drops slightly

    Each month, the folks over at Net Applications keep tabs on the usage share of various operating systems based on their wide network of meta data. And seeing that the month of August is now behind us, we can take a look at the usage share for desktop operating systems for that month.

    The two charts you see at the top of this post are for the month of August (left) and July (right). Based on this data, we can conclude that Windows 8 and 8.1 have grown slightly in the number of users who are actively using the platform while Windows XP has dropped roughly one percent during the last month.

    During the same time period, Windows 7 usage remained flat which means that those who have left Windows XP have either gone to Windows 8, or possibly to rival platforms.

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    I think everyone just needs to let these numbers go. Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 9, and creating a buzz for it. The fact that the preview will be open to the entire public speaks volumes about the company's own views on the success of Windows 8.X. Not to mention the departure of Steve Ballmer.

    I do think it's interesting that many companies are starting to announce new hybrid machines that appear to pack a lot more power for a better price. Given the direction of Windows 9, it will be interesting to see how these devices play out. For instance, when they are detached the start screen would be the obvious choice. However, when a keyboard and mouse is attached will Windows default to the desktop? Would that even be an option? It would be a cool feature, but based on the current rumors it looks like you will have one or the other but not both if you want it.
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    I know it's all pure speculation. But for me one thing is important: Please MS, stop trying to force me to use the UI of your choice. I and only me know what's best for me. If I feel like using the start screen I want to do so, if I want to have a start menu you better let me have it. I can see that it makes sense to limit Windows to the start screen when using it on a tablet with arm processor. But on AMD64 platform it has to be my choice. If I want to use the start screen with mouse and keyboard, well that's my decision. If I want to use the desktop and start menu, why should MS care. If I can do all that on my pc I will gladly upgrade. But if MS limits my choice I will stick to Windows 8.1 because there I can do exactly as described above (thanks to Classic Shell, not MS). That's just how I think about it. Windows has always been about choice. Why should I accept less. If I do I could also go Apple ;-)
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    Windows 8/8.1 at 13.4% of the market is a pretty good number.
    Very surprised at Linux. 1.67% is very low. I thought Linux would be at least as popular as MacOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by z31fanatic View Post
    Windows 8/8.1 at 13.4% of the market is a pretty good number.
    Very surprised at Linux. 1.67% is very low. I thought Linux would be at least as popular as MacOS.
    I have read (somewhere recently) that the data aggregator only detects commercial versions of Linux Distros (e.g. Red Hat).

    If true, this means the Linux figures are totally unreliable.
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    It is a very poor show for MS. Probably the worst any os of theirs has ever done.

    Still, win7 oem machine sales will end soon. That removes the main competition form the shelves. They must be hoping the cheap machines which are about to flood the market will pick up at least a vaguely decent number of sales.
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Windows 8 gains market share as XP drops slightly
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