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Munich, Germany: Linux was disaster, back to Windows

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    Munich, Germany: Linux was disaster, back to Windows

    Back in 2004, Munich, Germany decided that they were going to switch to Linux (specifically, LiMux) as their primary operating system and drop Microsoft's Windows operating system. At the time, the decision was said to be cheaper, more reliable and politically correct for the city and this would be the on the same scale as the Berlin Wall falling for politics but for IT.
    Read more at: Munich, Germany realizes that deploying Linux was a disaster, going back to Windows - Neowin
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    All H*ll must be breaking loose on ZDNet.
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    Allowing cross-platforming communication is the killer. When you are the small fish (Linux) trying to talk to the big fish (Windows) it can get very jumbled in the interpretation. Software is like human language, heck it is language. If you are speaking Chinese and I'm speaking English, then we need an interpreter. If the interpreter sucks then the communication sucks.
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    I have to admit, trying to communicate between Linux and Windows is a b*tch. If the rest of Germany is Windows and only Munich is Linux, I don't see how it could work well.

    I have never enjoyed the thought of setting up Samba (the network link between Windows and Linux). To me it is not well documented, confusing and a nightmare.
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    The title of that article alone lends itself to sensationalism.
    Basically it appears a new mayor has commissioned a feasibility report on the implementation, which in itself is merely good governance - thus not withstanding incompatibility issues that may have arisen, those could well be fixed with a more modern application deployment (particularly regarding OpenOffice), there is no reason to whole-scale drop the OS.

    No says the council, in spite of numerous reports to the contrary. Suggestions the council has decided to back away from Linux are wrong, according to council spokesman Stefan Hauf.
    Read more at: Ditching Linux for Windows? The truth isn't that simple, says Munich - TechRepublic
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    Reminds me of that terrible idea to go with ipads for Califorinia. They also realized it too late.
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    It is all about politics. That is all. I have personally never suffered with Linux and Windows on the same network...
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    I gave linux a spin, a couple times, half heartedly. Never really took.

    At the end of the day, the question is always the same, for me: what's the point..??
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    Got to keep in mind that Linux used on such level is not your ole' everyday free consumer distro. It costs a lot of money to implement it and specialty programs are not something you download from Everything costs to develop, so just OS costs are probably the least of worries for such stuff.
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    Hi there

    I think in every country in the world any sort of Govt (Local, National, Federal etc) I.T system ALWAYS ends in collossal mistakes, goes over budget, doesn't get delivered on time (or at all) or is simply cancelled with huge benefits to (invariably) the same set of consulting companies - while yielding nothing except disaster to the long suffering taxpayers.

    It's not usually the fault of the I.T personnel - but of a total misunderstanding by "public service managers" who have no useful experience of proper commercial large scale project management - especially those in which the technology changes faster in time than the end project was designed for making it often redundant, or tempting the addition of new features that weren't possible at the start of the project. Further these projects are often driven by Politics - rather than research involving the REAL end users of the system.

    I suspect that the whole Linux idea was conceived byf some "Smart Alex" who thought he / she could get a nice swift promotion in quickly appearing to save the City some money without realising ALL the implications.

    Linux is absolutely fine for SOME individuals and as commercial servers nothing wrong either - but to be used as a traditional desktop workspace in an environment like Local Govt -- forget it.

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Munich, Germany: Linux was disaster, back to Windows
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