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The next data center dinosaur: Traditional storage

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    "YEAH RIGHT!" -said everyone's cellular data plan.

    "Try me, see what'll happen!" -said the United States' lack of nationwide high speed broadband service ran by companies trying to screw you over daily.

    The only way cloud computing and cloud storage especially will become the norm is when everyone is running very high speed internet with no or limited data caps and increased mobile data availability with again, limited or no data caps. The mobile part is slowly getting there, the broadband isn't so much. Fiber optic data is still barely getting anywhere.

    Until then, I think I'll keep growing my personal local storage array.

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    As a new server storage possibly, but the article is click bait. Data centers run in large corporations have lots of critical data. They also are run by people who like to go after things that are cheap. RAID disk configurations are cheap. (When you are running data warehouses between 9 and 200+ TB cheap matters.) While it is true that SSD is making inroads into datacenters, critical data is then backed up to disk, and then for long term storage tape is still used. Much like "big iron" the old disk tech will not be going away anytime soon. Oh, and as for folks machines, while the cloud is nice as a backup, or an easy way to share the kids photos, most people do not want it for their primary storage. They want to control their own data. For all the hype of the chromebook, used in the example, standard Linux has a bigger footprint than that device.
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The next data center dinosaur: Traditional storage
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