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Microsoft wants you to forget Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleJay View Post
    Personally, I quite like Windows 8, especially 8.1 with update 1 and don't want to "forget about it". I will check out the Windows 9 consumer release, but unless it really has additional features that I really like, I will be more than happy to stay with Windows 8.
    Yup, till Win 9 convince me - you'll regret if you don't have me, until then it's Win 8.1 Update all along

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Only enthusiasts would consider rolling back etc. The average punter hasn't a clue. Enthusiasts already know win7 is the best from MS by a league.
    Hi there

    Disagree with this one -- Enthusiasts run whatever THEY want to -- whether it's OLD, Niche or the latest. Enthusiasts still run WINDOWS 3.1 on actual old physical PC's of the era, record and still play MD's or even cassette tapes, ride Vintage motor cycles, fly old WWII planes and all sorts of other things. They will also try out brand new untested stuff, build their own gear and often get new (and often unproven) technology moving forwards long before bigger businesses start rolling it out.

    Whatever else you say concerning the merits or otherwise of W8 -- your "Enthusiasts" argument just doesn't wash in any way whatsoever.

    The REAL title of this thread should be Ms wants you to spend money -- what's so wrong with that - it's a BUSINESS -- not an unofficial branch of "Social Security". And like any CONSUMER if the product isn't fit for purpose - don't buy it - that way the business (in this case Ms) if it wants to stay in business will adapt the product to the consumers liking or roll something else out.

    I agree with Jimbo.

    A lot of tech junkies and old farts. Everyone loves a new toy. A lot of peeps want the first take on anything. If Win 9 is a success a lot of new owners will gloat and say I have one, MS is the best. If it's a failure, they will dump it and say MS makes trash.

    MS's first big mistake
    Click image for larger version

    This never gets old
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    Would help if you read the posts. It means enthusiasts will be likely to try it.

    What are the random capitalised words for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooly View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alphanumeric View Post
    This enthusiast is of the opinion that Windows 8.1 is far better than Windows 7. This enthusiast would also never consider rolling back to Windows 7. I will say this though, Windows 7 was one of the best operating systems released by Microsoft. Ranks No.2 in my book.
    I basically agree on that too...

    My take on it all.

    Windows XP... these days looks and feels very dated but it did the job. It was an OS of its time but rapidly developing hardware left it trailing.

    Vista... ah Vista. The one with the wow factor. I loved Vista, it was different, it ran essentially very smoothly (and unless you have used it, don't be prejudiced against it). Very stable, and it looked great.

    Windows 7... the one everyone seems to like although I never warmed to it. I always considered W7 to be a continuation of Vista, but with Vistas' quirks and minor issues not fixed but simply removed. I cite the folder customisation (placement and folder views)as a classic example. Vista was streets ahead, but rather than fix the minor issues the level of customisation Vista offered was removed from W7. OK, the libraries were great... granted... but I just never took to W7 as an OS.

    W8... I tried the preview that was available at the time and didn't get on with it tbh. There were unsolvable hardware/driver issues that were a stumbling lock and so I never really got chance to get into it all.

    W8.1... Well just recently I gave the latest W8 version (Enterprise W8.1) a real trial and found most of the issues I had encountered with W8 were fixed. Maybe all those bug reports really did do some good and someone was reading all the complaints and issues. I was so impressed with how it all ran and installed that I voted with my wallet and bought the retail version of W8.1 a month ago. I don't regret it one little bit. Its way ahead of W7 as an OS in IMHO and such things as the fast start are worth their weight in gold. The start menu, once you realise what you can do with it, makes the old W7/Vista start menus look really dated and restricted.

    W9... well it will be different I'm sure, but as always there will be some that like it, some that don't, and some that "just don't get it" and so on.

    Just my two penneth on it all
    vista was horrendous as an operating system and it took literally Windows 7 to fix that and even then, SP2 of vista rolled out around right before 7. They were foolish in thinking xp era hardware would be ok to run a bloated OS that was basically 92% complete as Windows Vista. If this was Windows Longhorn, it was only halfway complete. The best review I've ever seen of vista is just a half-baked, glossy version of Windows xp. Bleh. Let alone the fact that EVEN today with Windows 8, its UI legacy still hobbles along with a tacky Aero UI that's been toned down with very minimal means in doing so.

    Anyways, I preferred vista before it was called vista, when it was still Longhorn. What a beautiful and powerful OS that never was. Even the system sounds were quite over the top lovely...
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    This whole free Windows 9 commotion is just all over the place. Has anyone not realized this is MICROSOFT. Not Microfree. There's a good likelihood that yes, they will offer Windows 9 as a free to use OS for current Windows 7 and 8.1 users*. There is always an asterisk to read further into detail.

    Bet you anything, it's going to be a very basic Windows 9 SKU that has Bing set as IE default among other things, key features cut out like maybe Storage Spaces, File History, HomeGroup, Media Player, and maybe reductions in other features as well. If it's going to be free, it's going to be free for a reason with a small, but of course, reasonable upgrade fee to the Windows 9 Pro SKU for maybe, I don't know, $20 for a limited time and then $50 afterwards.

    As for forgetting Windows 8, no.

    I'd like to forget the legacy Desktop UI and move towards something newer, more efficient, and overall just better than keeping that same UI that's been used ever since GUI computing began basically. I'd also like to forget the metro UI to modern UI design. There is a different between the two. The metro UI design form is much more richer, lusher, and more verbose in design. The modern UI is very minimal and spartan in design, which isn't bad, but it's not the metro UI. Things like the Zune HD and PC client are just perfect examples of metro design, just drop dead innovative and beautiful. Xbox Music is what the modern UI is, minimal (both design and feature set) and spartan. Speaking of such...

    I'd like to forget Xbox Music ALTOGETHER. Such emotional violence it's caused with the whole Windows Phone community let alone the former Zune crowd and just in general. What a slap in the face with a dead fish. Ugh.
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    Anyway, this is a trash article - you can forget windows 98, windows xp, or vista, but forgeting newest version of os ? ok, im moving to my imaginary windows 15.
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    I already forgot Win8 even after a year of Alphas Betas and RCs, 8.1.1 firmly entrenched here. Win9, when it comes will be going thru same path if available, on separate HDD, without other disks involved, dual boot until final version is proved and approved by me. I still have W7 Sp2 as dual boot and XP in VM. Now if some job comes up again for me at local MS office to earn another windows for free....
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    Hi there

    What does Windows 7 do that Windows 8.11 doesn't (apart from that silly start menu argument) -- Windows 3.1 never had one and people didn't complain back then !!! -- and there are many quite useable 3rd party apps (some free) to revive that feature if it's needed. Desktop users can boot straight to the desktop just like they've always done.

    My main gripe is not actually with the OS itself but the method of update and distribution - where ISO's aren't readily available and one is used more and more forced into using "The Store".

    Of course the biggest gripe too about having to use the Store is that you are then required to have a Microsoft ID - seems that future versions of say Non Enterprise SKU's will force people to use Microsoft accounts rather than a purely local one. That WOULD IMO be a development too far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    vista was horrendous as an operating system and it took literally Windows 7 to fix that and even then, SP2 of vista rolled out around right before 7.
    That's fine if that was your experience of Vista. Mine was of a super stable trouble free OS that allowed me to customise it as I wished.

    W8.1 (judging by the experiences some are having) is just as bad as your Vista experience ... and I think... what on earth are these folk doing to encounter all these issues.

    You have to take as you find. Vista, W7 and W8.1 have all been trouble free for me. I liked Vista, found that W7 was little changed except some features (that could be buggy under certain conditions admittedly in Vista) had been removed rather than fixed, and have found W8.1 to be a gem in operation and ease of install.

    Just a sayin'
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    I actually never owned Vista, probably only MS OS i never did. Installed it as trial on my computer but it (computer) was not good enough for Vista and by the time I upgraded, Win7 was there.
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Microsoft wants you to forget Windows 8
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