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Screenshot Claims To Show Coming Windows 8.1 Start Menu

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    Screenshot Claims To Show Coming Windows 8.1 Start Menu

    Mostly lost in the noise surrounding the World Cup final, a screenshot floated around the Microsoft-watching community. The image picked up attention because it contains what some claim is an image of the soon-to-return Start Menu in Windows 8.1.

    Microsoft promised that the user interface element would come back in a keynote this April. In the ensuing few months there hasn’t been much to go on in terms of new hints of what it might look like.
    Read more at: Screenshot Claims To Show Off The Coming Windows 8.1 Start Menu | TechCrunch
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    First off, there is a Start Button (or rather Start Flag) that returned. It opens "Start" just as in the past.

    A lot of speculation along with screenshot, pics, and videos have been making debuts for a while now. Simply speculation. That's all. Authors get hungry for topics.

    I think MS will continue to devote it's efforts and time to the Modern/Metro and the Start Screen, not a returning Start Menu as we see some proof here: Microsoft launches new Windows Apportals
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    I just use a third party one. I use Start8 at home (prefer it's look and feel). I use classic shell at work. These add-ons make most people happy.
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    Is there any difference between Start8 and Classic Shell? I use the latter, but I'm curious what differentiates them.
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    Classic shell is free, the other is not
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    I use Start 8, I got a suite of 12 different programs from Stardock for $20. I also use the ModernMix and Decor8, that is mainly why I use Start 8, I figure it would be more compatible.

    As for the supposed new Start screen/menu, I think you will be able to turn on/off parts of it. Like you used to be able to select with Windows XP, anyone remember the Classic Menu as opposed to the new XP Menu?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klaw117 View Post
    Is there any difference between Start8 and Classic Shell? I use the latter, but I'm curious what differentiates them.
    Here's a comparison of several Start programs for Windows 8 and 8.1. It might help answer some of your questions in this regard:

    Classic Shell ? View topic - Compare Start Menus:Classic Shell vs StartIsBack, Start8 etc
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    I'm quite happy with Classic Shell as are a few of my clients.
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    It would be great if MS returned windows 7 style start menu to windows 8.1 or 9 that could be enabled in options, that way people who like "modern" start screen couldn't complain too. I would like to be able to disable metro/modern part of windows 8.1/9 completely.
    For now I use StartIsBack+ used Stardock start8 but switched to StartIsBack its cheaper and in my experience works better.
    I don't use Modern (metro) apps because as of now they are inferior to desktop software when using keyboard and mouse. So I don't need modern mix or similar functionality but it would be nice if MS allowed to run Modern apps in resizable windows just like desktop software.
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    Hi there
    I really don't like the classic menu any more -- also on Classic menu (or the 3rd party classic shell apps) how do you link Metro apps to it.

    Much better to use custom toolbars (works with W7 as well) and then you can link Internet addresses, standard windows programs and metro apps (W8.1). No registry hacks or anything special needed either. Also you can CASCADE the metro apps too.

    Currently I don't have too much use for Metro - but I'm sure new apps will appear in the not to distant future that will be useful - especially when they can run in moveable re-sizeable (and hopefully Borderless) windows (W9 maybe).

    If you want to add Metro apps to your custom toolbars I had a post on this Forum a while back on how to do it . These apps will run from the desktop /menu directly without you having to leave the desktop environment either. (You can also pin these to the desktop if you want as well).

    Metro apps - desktop / taskbar / create cascading menu

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Screenshot Claims To Show Coming Windows 8.1 Start Menu
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