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The battle ahead: Google Chrome OS vs. Microsoft's

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    The battle ahead: Google Chrome OS vs. Microsoft's

    The battle ahead: Google Chrome OS vs. Microsoft 'Windows 8'

    For Google to emerge as a true contender in just the field of netbook operating systems as soon as 2011 will require it to have smoothly and swiftly cleared an immense obstacle course first. But just the fact that Google will make the attempt will underscore a hard new reality facing Microsoft, one which my friend Carmi Levy pointed out on Monday: The rules of the game for operating systems and applications are changing rapidly, and their underlying principles are being rewritten.

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    He has a lot of good points. Makes you think.

    I think that the future is going to be VERY interesting and we WILL be seeing some MAJOR changes in computing.

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    I agree that the only way Google Chrome will become a viable competitor to Microsoft in the operating system arena is if the very underlying principles and rules of an O/S are re-written.

    Gaming on the PC is one of the main driving forces behind wide-spread adoptions and continued market presence. The other is of course business for the use of Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, Server, .NET, Visual Studio, and other team-building and management software. But business drives long-term use of even older versions of Windows, while the gaming market drivers the latest versions.

    Until at least one of those changes, Microsoft will unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you view it) be the dominating competitor for operating systems. The Linux and BSD worlds, as well as MacOS X and beyond (based on BSD) will always have a market that grows, but can never overtake Windows for gaming until the rules are changed.
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    Though i have not use microsoft , but i thinks google chrome is more better than that..................
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    I just don't see Chrome OS making much of an impact. I see it as just another Linux distro (that's not to say I won't try it, but)...
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    Like comparing apples and oranges, they're both two different types of OS.
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    The nice thing about the competition (if there ever really is any) is it should be good for us, the consumer.
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    bhuulo Junior Member

    Sorry Not an astrologer but seeing the market scenario I feel that
    MS will always top, Google OS will take some time to penetrate the main Desktop PCs apart from the netbooks (I doubt it will happen), but Linux gets Stronger (Open Source is the Future) Apple will maintain its ratio in MACs
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    bhuulo Junior Member

    Quote Originally Posted by luchifal View Post
    Though i have not use microsoft , but i thinks google chrome is more better than that..................
    Then which OS does u use...
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    Here is what I think on this:

    MS, with its share holdings, will continue to dominate for a few more years. If nothing else changes, they will continue to do so for many more.
    HOWEVER, it all really depends on Google here. If they can get their OS popular enough, then MS won't necessarily dominate.
    I will say that it is impossible to determine right now. It all depends on Google, and how MS responds.

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    I have noticed that mostly everyone over 30 who owns a computer, goes with what the manufacturer tells them too. If you buy a dell, they will always recommend windows, even though they sell some forms of linux. So most of these people have no clue what the difference is and just go with it. If they do end up with something like vista, and they had been using XP, they usually dont know the difference. Its just a different look to them. Google OS wont beat Windows unless they get manufacturers to make it their recomended OS.
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The battle ahead: Google Chrome OS vs. Microsoft's
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