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The battle ahead: Google Chrome OS vs. Microsoft's

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    Quote Originally Posted by thefabe View Post
    And the wars continue for your soul
    I sold my soul to the marching band already..... So yeah.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ciphernemo View Post
    It might be nice, but people in the media are playing this up as the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's just another flavor of Linux. If you don't like other Linux operating systems now, you won't like Google ChromeOS either.

    If you run your own copy/copies of Linux, then you probably already have a favorite flavor (ie: distro), and Google ChromeOS might not change that for you.

    ChromeOS isn't any more a competitor for Windows 7 than any other Linux distro is.
    A personal letter from one of the most eminent scientists in Operating Systems research (Multics) can spell this out a little more clearly for you:

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    I agree with compaker's point while windows remains preinstalled on 99% of new computers most people will not change it as it " does the job ", and most people I speak to don't even know or care what they have, as long as it does what they want it to do, there is a reason why firms use windows, and that has nothing to do with what is arguably best or quickest, it is a matter of trust and people trust Microsoft, shops know if they pre installed another op system on home computers people will simply go elsewhere.

    as for me I found anything higher then int exp 9 is quicker then chrome, anything less then 9 is slower, but having said that it is as much about how good the computer is, and how good your internet connection is, it would be nice if it was as black/white as yes it will always work faster in every situation, but we are in the real world.
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    PS a friend of mine swears by google chrome but could not be less interested when I told him that google has its own op system
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul V View Post
    there is a reason why firms use windows, and that has nothing to do with what is arguably best or quickest, it is a matter of trust and people trust Microsoft
    Well, it's more a matter of fact that MS has been on the desktop for a long time and almost all peripherals and software are written for MS based OS's. Many don't really have that much choice. In areas where people do have choice (server rooms), you often do see other OS's running.
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    Phones are another area where people have choice.

    Hardly any Windows phones out there.
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    Isn't chrome OS that web based one that has some UI from Windows 7 that is installed on low end laptops as it doesn't need hardware to run it since it's a web based system?
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    I haven't used the Chrome OS. But as far as I have heard, its not for offline computing.

    I don't know how it can be compared with any version of Windows
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    Quote Originally Posted by thefabe View Post
    And the wars continue for your soul
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    yes the war continues, between chrome and windows, pot at oe or po tart oe, lol still it makes for an interesting debate amongst friends, and we are all friends here, no matter how much opinions vary
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The battle ahead: Google Chrome OS vs. Microsoft's
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