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Microsoft CEO Nadella: 'We will reinvent productivity'

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    Microsoft CEO Nadella: 'We will reinvent productivity'

    Ten days into Microsoft's fiscal 2015, CEO Satya Nadella has sent a missive to the Microsoft troops.

    It's not all about developers, developers, developers. Or even devices and services. Instead, Nadella's July 10 e-mail message to all full-time employees (which also is available on Microsoft's Web site for all to read) is focus on Microsoft's core, and that core is all about productivity.

    Nadella made it official that Microsoft is no longer using the "devices and services company" mantra that former CEO Ballmer used to reposition the company in his last year-plus as CEO. Going forward, Microsoft is about productivity and platforms, Nadella said.

    Microsoft's original mission was to put a PC on every desk and in every home. Then it was to be a devices and services company.

    "While the devices and services description was helpful in starting our transformation, we now need to hone in on our unique strategy," Nadella said. "At our core, Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more."
    Read more at: Microsoft CEO Nadella: 'We will reinvent productivity' | ZDNet

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    It makes sense I guess. In a lot of master business classes you learn about three phases:

    1. Form
    2. Storm
    3. Perform

    Over the years Microsoft has been forming a core and wide known area of expertise and technology. They then stormed with putting a computer in nearly every home. Now it's time for them to become the best and get back to the real principals.
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    Meaningless buzzwords like 'increased productivity' or 'reinvent productivity' really annoy me. Do these rubbish phrases actually work on anyone?

    Given that no-one really seems to know what the announcement actually implies other than Xbox is staying in-house, I think it's him who needs 'redefined productivity' for wasting productive time writing 3,000 words of mumbo jumbo and meaningless buzzwords.
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    Arc, it's rubbish level depends on how they follow through. I was at the company in the early to mid nineties. We believed in our mantra to get a PC on every desk, which later changed to getting a PC on every desk running Microsoft Software. We had a very singular focus, and the company did a great job at enabling us to do to our work and we were successful.

    If Nadella can follow through with a strategy that inspires the employees and makes Microsoft a cool place to work again, then yes, the words mean a lot. It needs to be the place where the folks want to stay 10 hours a day, not because of some deadline, but because they enjoy being there. Believe it or not, that was how it was back in the day. Overtime was something we enjoyed doing. When you can get your people that committed to your vision and your company, you can achieve just about anything.

    That said on the internal pieces, he does need to explain to everyone what this looks like. This does sound post Windows, or possibly a Windows+ vision, which is awesome. Not just with Office on the iPad and Android, but they have an opportunity here with things like the development tools, and of course their cloud and server systems.
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    The good news is that he focus on the poeple ("the person") and on productivity. Two key words extremely important because they adress the most criticism against MS in revent years. Failing to listen to poeple was what cost Ballmer his CEO position. And it cost Microsoft billions. The bad news is that he is focused on cloud. And I don't think that's what the poeple want, or that's technicaly an easy solution, productive, cost efficient and privacy preserving. But we will see how they will implement it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ARC1020 View Post
    Meaningless buzzwords like 'increased productivity' or 'reinvent productivity' really annoy me. Do these rubbish phrases actually work on anyone?

    Well, yes. Give it a minute, they'll be along presently...
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    Now that's funny.

    He started out well with the first sentence.Then descended into gibbersish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ARC1020 View Post
    Meaningless buzzwords like 'increased productivity' or 'reinvent productivity' really annoy me. Do these rubbish phrases actually work on anyone?
    CEOs love useless buzz words/phrases.

    They are great for "covering one's a**".
    In fact, the more made-up words that are used, the better it is for the business (e.g. "scientician", "millionised", etc.).

    When something goes wrong the CEO can say, "it's not my fault that you misinterpreted the company's statements."
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    There comes a time when all large corporations outgrow themselves and become too large to connect top (executives) and bottom (workers that actually produce a product) and machinery (midlle management) becomes larger and more influential than either end but are just a ballast.
    Almost 25 years I used to work for one man but thru 7 companies (I was second employee in his first company and first in all others). We used to by machines and product they ware making, whole production lines sometimes from big corporations which could not sustain production of those parts because cost was greater than profit for them. He (we) stated a company. we reworked machines to be more economical and were able to make same products 2 to 3, some even more times cheaper than company that used them in the first place.
    So, Productivity ( if really properly implemented) is not just a buzzword, it's essential, without it it does not matter what you have or how great any staff you have.
    My boss used to sell company as soon as it got large enough to be too much for one or two persons to have total control from top to bottom and for handsome profit too because by that time company was at it's peak. He would just come one day, take me to a restaurant or bar and tell me he's starting another business and ask me if I wanted to jump aboard or stay with old one. As it stopped being challenging enough to stay at a place where everything was just humming along I always went with him and never regretted it. The previous company usually went belly up within a year or two.
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    Hi there

    To a lot of Non US citizens we are usually totally amazed at typical "US Consultant management Buzz words" which have meaningless names and are generally nothing but pure obfuscation.

    This sort of stuff is usually given out to hide the fact that the top management either hasn't a clue or there's a mega panic going on in the organisation.

    Now while in general too much "Short termism" is responsible for a lot of US industries woes - in this case the employees, stock holders and other interested parties such as the consumers don't want "A grand Vision" or a pie in the sky view of what they might be doing in 5 years time -- but a CLEAR PLAN OF ACTION FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS. Note - When you are in a hole - stop digging. !!!

    I've seen this type of company "Spiel" so many times before that it's really laughable that anybody takes any notice of it -- You need ACTION NOW- not merely a gesture of re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. You certainly don't want or need a hazy distant blue skies vision of some impossible futuristic dream.

    I think Ms WILL actually do OK in the future - but that doesn't mean it won't fall into the same trap as every other organisation faced with a problem of "Oh dear -- what do we do next".

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Microsoft CEO Nadella: 'We will reinvent productivity'
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