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Microsoft CEO Nadella: 'We will reinvent productivity'

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    Using Google as an example of highly functional company would be a good start.

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    I would avoid Google. They have had their fair share of stinkers. You just don't hear as much about them because they are up and coming. How many internet products have withered, or been cut by Google, from the vine? How are those Android forks going for them? Motorola, almost a good idea. They are a fast growing company making young mistakes along with some wins. That would be going backwards for someone like Microsoft.

    I am not a member of the Apple Cult, but they probably are the good example of a tech company that has stayed highly functional after Steve Jobs returned. They are mature, they know their mission and stick to it. Yes, it is the company that Steve built, and it is in danger of becoming dysfunctional, but for now they are a pretty good model. Another great tech example is SAP. Outside of tech, Japanese car companies, and German car companies, are known globally for their management. (Notable exception of Toyota these past few years.)
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    I took Google as an example of functional company. Because of their setup people give their best and over that , now if they are not the best in the business that's anther story. They are innovators and everything new has to be tested and proven first, mistake are inevitable but that's not for lack of trying. It is my understanding that there is great cooperation between all of that work there. With M$ one has to wander if all of them work one against the other, at least department wise.
    Even apple with all the talent there was at the ropes for a while but they had just few innovators there were almost despotic with too stringent hierarchy and until they realized that and changed somewhat Apple almost went down the tube. They also had a lot of misses because not everything few great people thought of could be realized because nobody could tell the "great lieder" that something is amiss and that they had a better idea. Their business model that attempts to charge for every dot in the line made them a lot of enemies and general resentment. To sue anybody that made something that even remotely looks like their idea didn't help either.
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    It's clear that MS never know what to do with their excess money after they were done with Windows and Office. And when you don't know what to do better keep on improving your existing product than trying to do new ones just for the sake of it, or running after the others.
    All big names are facing this problem. Apple moreless know what they want to do. Google a little bit less. Facebook, no.
    Inovating is good but you need a genius idea to launch a new product. Gadgets like iWatch or Google glass are not realy genius ideas. There are attempt to implement science fiction dreams but between novels and real life there is a difference.
    Obsession with inovation and new products is what makes them lose billions. You realy need a breakthrough technology to start something new and big. If the technology is not up to the task, it fails.
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    Productivity increases primarily from word processing/publishing, spreadsheets, databases, the web, has put personal computers in most businesses and homes. Drawing, Computer aided design, video/image editing, games and collaboration have helped to a lesser extent. Real metrics of where productivity is gained should be included in future presentations or product promotions, or it is just buzzwords.
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    Very interesting to see what that will be.

    Considering the age of computing is beyond the desktop and spreadsheets, something must be renewed here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JHough View Post
    Real metrics of where productivity is gained should be included in future presentations or product promotions, or it is just buzzwords.
    Agreed, but the metrics must be independently gathered.

    Metrics gathered by someone with a vested interest in proving the new system works are useless.

    MS basically claimed that "no one" used the Start Menu, so they got rid of it.
    We all know how that turned out.
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    Bring back start menu! Problem solved! Enjoy profits.
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    Here we go again!
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Microsoft CEO Nadella: 'We will reinvent productivity'
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