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Firefox web browser popularity wanes

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    Firefox web browser popularity wanes

    When you take a look at Net Applications' web desktop browser market share reports over the long run two things stand out. One, there's the rise of Google's Chrome to second place, and two, Mozilla's Firefox's steep decline.

    How bad is Firefox's fall? In June 2014, Firefox hit a new five-year low of 15.6 percent market share.

    Back in October 2009, Firefox was on the rise and had reached 23.75 percent. Life was good. Since July 2012, the browser started trending downward. Indeed, since May 2013, with Firefox at 20.6%, the once popular browser hasn't risen above 20%.
    Read more at: Firefox web browser popularity wanes | ZDNet

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    I'll keep using Firefox. Haven't used IE since version 8. Tried Chrome, don't like it.
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    Mozilla's Own Fault

    They just don't get it.
    The more useless fluff they add and the more pointless GUI changes they make, the faster they fall.

    I swapped to Pale Moon (FF fork) as a protest against useless fluff.
    I'm not likely to go back to FF, due to their new horrible, Chrome-style, "touch-friendly" GUI (FF29+).
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    As FF was my previous main browser before IE11, I find it less and less useful everyday. I use it for one site that won't work in Modern IE and even then, I can use IE on desktop. The only reasons I am holding on to it is the Lastpass plugin convenience and a dark theme. I can switch to just using the Lastpass bookmarklet in desktop IE, just haven't got around to it. The dark theme... Well, don't know if it's worth it to keep dealing with the damn FF memory leaks anymore. It may just be time to go all IE.
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    I used to be FF fan and had all kind of add-ons. But one i tried Chrome and enjoyed the non-crashing, i never went back.

    and every update to FF doesn't' seem to focus on stability, but more features. All I need is Xmark to sync all my bookmarks (across browsers). Back then I opened 10 pages on both Chrome and FF. FF was using 3-4 times the memory and the memory usage was increasing with me doing nothing (memory leak). This and the ongoing crashes made me never go back to FF. chrome never crashed on me and is always fast. FF crashed a lot and at times was very slow. Not sure that improved...
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    Well of course their popularity has waned.... they tried to pull a 'microsoft', by trying to ram unwanted changes down their customers throats, only to find, surprise surprise, that people hate that kinda shit.

    I too am using Palemoon now, although I had been using Cyberfox before and not FF proper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickkins View Post
    Well of course their popularity has waned.... they tried to pull a 'microsoft', by trying to ram unwanted changes down their customers throats, only to find, surprise surprise, that people hate that kinda shit.

    I too am using Palemoon now, although I had been using Cyberfox before and not FF proper.
    i couldn't agree more. I have no idea what these companies are thinking anymore. It certainly isn't about making software that users actually want....
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    I'll keep using FF...
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    I changed to the 64 bit Waterfox at the time of upgrading to Windows 8 and have been perfectly happy with both it's performance and appearance.
    Regards, Yorky.
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    I.E.11 is my primary browser, and FF is my secondary. But, I like the Adblock Plus that is available with FF.

    I tried Chrome and it didn't really work any better or faster than Internet Explorer, plus Chrome forced the Google updater which caused conflicts with my recording studio software, even though I disable the NIC and several other items when I run the recording studio applications. The only way I found to completely rid the PC of the Google Updater's plethora of registry items was to manually edit the registry and delete them. Just uninstalling Google, even with Revo Uninstaller, did not get rid of the updater.

    I had Opera at one time, but I didn't like the latest version and uninstalled it.

    I.E. and FF, when off line, are non intrusive with my recording studio applications.
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Firefox web browser popularity wanes
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