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Increase to OneDrive storage plans announced

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    Hi there

    These online storage systems are really too ridiculously small to store anything sensible -- 7GB or even 15GB IMO is a total waste of time and space - especially as an 8GB USB stick can be had for just a few cents these days !!!.

    My OS is approx. 55GB -- to back that up daily on even fast broadband upload speeds would take quite a long time - downloading it again to repair say a dead computer would take more than a few minutes.

    Dropbox is fine for limited data but if I need to send something to somebody - just break it up into several sections and email it. Compression algorithms are quite good these days. Dropbox is much easier also to retrieve specific folders / files too.

    (Another good reason for emailing -- if places like the UK and US are making laws that email data has to be kept for up to 2 years - then lets totally OVERLOAD all the "Snooper servers" with totally innocuous stuff that they'll have to buy several PB (Petabytes) of Disk space EVERY WEEK to store all this rubbish on.!! and then we can SUE them when they've LOST something.)

    A small 2TB portable disk doesn't cost the earth these days -- why bother with ONLINE storage -- where YOU have NO control over where the servers are or even who can acess them. There is obviously access to check that pirated / copyrighted material isn't stored on them --they could be shut down like megaupload was.

    Finally as to the servers being placed in locations totally unknown to you -- well would you be happy if these servers were in CHINA, N.KOREA or IRAN as they could theoretically be -- cheap labour. Corporations only have ONE loyalty -- MONEY so they don't care where the hardware is located if they can get the cheapest service. (If this wasn't true just ask a load of redundant US and European I.T workers whose jobs have massively gone off shore to India, the Philippines and Viet nam).


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    Should be going up from 7 to 15 soon, but I cant see me ever using the 1.1 TB I have available

    I just use the space for documents and photos

    Occasionally I have had a use to email a document when not at home, just picking it up straight from onedrive on my phone and sending it was very handy

    I will probably use Onedrive more now as it works very well with my MS/Android devices, but I doubt I will use over 1 GB in the near future, never mind 1 TB
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulsalter View Post
    Just noticed this morning I now have the 1 TB free for being an Office 365 subscriber

    Free amount is still at 7 GB and not the new 15 GB though

    Looks like things are rolling out now
    Just checked mine and it shows also, ummm, what shall I do with it?
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Increase to OneDrive storage plans announced
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