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Cloud danger

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    Cloud danger

    Cloud computing: Privacy and trust up in the cloud

    Fifteen years ago people carried their documents around on floppy discs, then many people switched to memory sticks, and now a few are turning to the cloud.
    Cloud computing means the ability to access, change and interact with data on any platform with a net connection, including on smartphones.
    These online services require no software purchase and installation and most run via a browser. Users can pick from the growing number of cloud-based offerings, such as Google Docs and Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).


    Cloud danger

    Unlike Dropbox and Evernote, some services do not synchronise data to personal computers and are based solely in the cloud.
    An internet connection failure, or infrastructure downtime, is enough to cut people off from their files on these systems.
    Many students have become heavy users of the free collaborative online tools that are based in the cloud. This has prompted some colleges to go as far as banning cloud computing completely.
    More Privacy and trust...

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    I can see allot of people not wanting to buy Windows 8 because off the risk involved in using the cloud for a operating system, reminds me of the time I was working on a project with a group of friends wanting to make cloud based operating system Java based but i guess Microsoft beet us to it lol.
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    I trying to put 2 and 2 together and keep coming up with OMFG!!!

    Why?.... well i remember reading a while back about something to do with browser based OS, for those who missed that it would basically be an operating system that runs as an internet browser (e.g internet explorer) i think it was google that had announced it

    so my 2 and 2 is that M$ is trying to run this route with windows 8 and the cloud

    Im beginning to think that 8 will be one of those stupid browser OS and in my opinion it will be an epic fail most especially for those who require high performance and instant data e.g Gamers and designers
    It will be not beneficial for those with a low internet connection speeds or problematic ISP's

    If this is the way it will be heading then i will stick with older versions of windows or even move onto other OS's that run in a way that we know and love

    Im always skeptical of online storage for several reasons like server downtime, corruption (not just data corruption) loss of data and electronic theft
    i could continue listing a whole bunch of negatives with this whole cloud think but im sure your all bright enough to work out the rest
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    Agree, I don't feel comfortable with it, at all.

    Let's hope Windows8 has options or only access to cloud based programs/functions. They sure are talking it up, 'we're all in'.
    You'd think after the bad reception of Vista (I never had a problem with it) they would be treading carefully.
    If not, I like Windows7 just fine.
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    Same here I'm not feeling that happy about the thought of things being up in the clouds, same reasons as ripbox has outlined. I'd be more worried about security mainly, we have enough reports and articles around about cyber crime and identity theft without making it easy for them with everything floating around there would bound to be cracks appear somewhere that would let them sneak in.
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    Its like iv said before..... If it can be made it can be broke, It really doesn't matter how secure someone makes something, there is always someone who can break in.... its a simple way of life.... there have been many things that have been quoted as 100% secure but then Joe Burglar comes along and make 10 years of blood sweat and tears a walk in the park
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    Not the best written article I have ever read, but it's points are far more than valid.

    If Microsoft moves to a Cloud OS, I will move to Linux. End of discussion.

    I will keep one install of a MS OS, but will use Linux as my main. The cloud is not just unsecure, it is too volitile. Besides, I have yet to come across a site that works the way I would like it too.
    If I want to use a cloud program, I will buy some server space and upload/download stuff through ftp...

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    I am having trouble coming to grips with it

    If the future is cloud based OS, will there come a day that all cloud based operating systems are owned by the Governments of the world ??? Big brother is watching you

    Or is that being paranoid
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    "The Matrix"?
    I'll not have anything to do with it, if possible. My main OS at the moment is gNewSense, a completely free (in all respects) GUN/Linux OS.
    Happy Hacking!
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    Just because your paranoid doesn't mean their not out to get you
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Cloud danger
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