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Google boosts Chrome encryption amid email warning

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    Google boosts Chrome encryption amid email warning

    The Internet giant tries to convey to users that many emails are not secure once it leaves Google's hands.

    Google routinely publishes reports to establish transparency into how often responds to data requests from law enforcement agencies, but its latest update pertains more to industry competitors.

    The Internet giant issued a memo on Tuesday -- a reminder to some and maybe a heads-up to others -- that while Google might promise to keep emails encrypted within its bounds, it can't say the same when messages float beyond its digital grasp.

    In fact, Google estimated that between 40 and 50 percent of emails sent between Gmail and other email providers aren’t encrypted at all.
    Read more at: Google boosts Chrome encryption amid email warning | ZDNet

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    The Internet giant tries to convey to users that many emails are not secure once it leaves Google's hands.
    ... probably not secure when its IN Google's hands either! (to some degree)
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    I have NEVER seen email as a secure system to begin with.
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    Hi there.

    If you want secure mail - then only SNAIL MAIL will do.

    Even J.C himself couldn't find a piece of mail once it's been dropped into a U.S Mail box until it gets to the other end - actually for all the complaints you hear about it the U.S postal service does IMO an excellent job considering the sheer volume of mail it has to deal with (even in these days of email and Internet communications) and especially considering how remote some areas are.

    I'll bet most people don't realize that email can be stored for Months or even Years on servers -- the same with mobile phone calls which the FBI / NSA etc can get copies of much later if they want to (and they don't always have to use a Court Order either to get it).

    At least snail mail once it's been delivered is GONE and there's usually no trace of it either being processed through the system (special delivery / recorded delivery is an exception but if you were the CIA you wouldn't be drawing attention to your mail normally!!!).

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Google boosts Chrome encryption amid email warning
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