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No Microsoft Start Menu for Windows 8 until 2015: Sources

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    The bantering back and forth makes my head spin......

    After much thought I have concluded that Windows 8 is a poorly designed OS. Now, before everyone starts beating me up, let me explain my reasons. First if it were great, there wouldn't be the conflicts that seem to surround it, but beyond that;

    As a tablet, the interface is irrelevant, the problem with Metro is, it has a poor App store, if it were a great tablet product, RT versions would be flying off the counters, but they simple aren't. It lacks mobility. I have a windows tablet with Pro and it sits at home. I want either an iPad or Nexus, not for desktop use but, my every day junk, and I want to be able to take it with me, and use apps not available in Windows. Microsoft as a company, really lacks in this area. They stopped making Surface Pro 2 devices and scrapped the mini, looks to me they are not confident about this market. The Pro 3 is really more like an ultrabook than a tablet, makes one wonder.

    As a desktop, Windows 8 file explorer is exceptional, but, so many other features have been removed, it is just a shell of it's former version. One example (I have many) is;

    my local network has 18 different devices on it.
    In windows 7, where you can right click and open Network and sharing screen, that screen allows you view and actual map showing how all the devices are attached to each other. Now, for you it may not be important but for me, it is any easy way for me to see and remember what is connected to which switch box (I have 3), router etc.. But that is no longer present in Windows 8, along with other trouble shooting tools that are buried, or removed, or dummied down. I have friends, that use a different browser than IE, and need their browser icons/text on the bookmarks bar enlarged (getting old they are), in 7 it easy to change, in 8 it is impossible. Windows 8 simply doesn't have the flexibility that 7 does.

    For reasons as these and others, I think Windows 8 misses the mark for both sides, desktop users and tablet users. I am not saying it is a bad OS, it is just lacking for my needs, and makes home computing harder and a lot of the people I know. IMHO.
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    Hello RBS. Welcome to 8 Forums.
    You have that right. Others agree with you.

    Do I have a right?
    Can I say?
    Everyone!, most would agree with you.

    I tend to be disagreeable here. It's like, wow, this car I just bought is awesome,
    I love it! It looks so cool. It's quiet, fast and good on gas.

    Then a passerby rolls around and says, geez, you like that? What a piece of junk!
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    I don't know you, but sometimes it takes a little more than trial and error,
    Wikipedia, Bing, Google, or Forums to figure stuff out.
    Codifiers like dummed down are inflammatory and often wrong.

    Knowing how to enlarge an icon is not complicated.
    The conflicts are based on a boring tired topic.
    Comparing everything to how 7 worked is not helpful.
    It's 4am, I need to sleep.
    Best Wishes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    I don't know you, but sometimes it takes a little more than trial and error,
    Wikipedia, Bing, Google, or Forums to figure stuff out.
    Codifiers like dummed down are inflammatory and often wrong.

    Knowing how to enlarge an icon is not complicated.
    The conflicts are based on a boring tired topic.
    Comparing everything to how 7 worked is not helpful.
    It's 4am, I need to sleep.
    Best Wishes.
    I am not quite certain what you are trying to convey in your first part, maybe I need sleep, but as to the icons on the desktop, and parts of the browser, yes it is easy... but not the bookmark bar itself.

    Also, on the desktop you need a registry hack if you want to increase or decrease spacing between icons, in 7 it was easy. It are things like this, a lot of tools I use, that has made it less desirable to use, for me.

    I am not saying, your car isn't cool or shiny, but, maybe it needs a better suspension system.
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    When users try to duplicate what was with what is, they get confused.
    Registry hacks can break a system.
    Always groping around configuring stuff that dates back to Windows 95 is, the past.
    Immediately, I would say, everything they are seeking can be pinned to the start screen.
    If that is unacceptable, I have said this before, why bother hacking off half of the OS.
    Stay with Windows 7 or downgrade to 7.
    Installing a desktop menu and disabling all edge UI functions is like putting blinders on a horse.

    Not looking for feedback, if I said, wow, I love this! I think this is awesome, I want it, I like it!
    It's brand new, meets all the specs, rides smooth as silk!

    I wouldn't go to that excited individual and say anything, especially, the suspension system is no good for normal use. You need a lifter kit and knobby tires!

    I cannot convey almost 3 years of experience in a post.
    8 is very undesirable for many here, they think plugging in the CS makes everything sweet.
    ok, ... can I go now?
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    Windows 8 is very different from previous versions if Windows.

    Some like the changes, some don't.

    I find it inferior to a Windows 7. Everyone I know finds it inferior to Windows 7. Looking at its sales numbers many feel the way I do.

    Does that mean everyone hates it? Nope. Many here love it. That's ok, different strokes for different folks.

    I installed Classic Shell and disabled all things Metro. I still find the flat look kind of ugly and yes I preferred Windows 7, but my new laptop is tolerable now.

    But that's not exactly a ringing endorsement of Windows 8 either...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    First, what's boring? The folder icon? The tile color? or the text?
    To me, the whole thing is just drab. But as I said, it's subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I don't care one bit if somebody wants their system that way, it's fine. I just like having the choice to have mine different. Tailored to the way that I work. For me, the start screen and tiles is not it. And I find it sad that I have to resort to a third party to have it any other way. But since that is the way it is, that is the way I do it.

    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    My desktop launcher is fascinating because icons can explode, be on fire, shrink, throb, shake, rotate etc...
    Great, I'm glad that works for you. I just want the app to open as fast as possible, I can skip all of that flash and sizzle.

    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    but quicklaunch toolbars cannot handle hundreds of shortcuts.
    Fair enough. I just don't have hundreds of shortcuts that I need direct access to on a regular basis.

    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    ... no one thing should take up the whole thing ... I like it that way, no amount of banter is going to change that.
    ok. No one thing? Full screen videos? Full screen spreadsheets? Full screen CAD?
    For me, yes there is almost never 1 thing that I run full screen on my 27" 2560x1440 monitor. I do IT work for a living, I always have multiple things opened that I am watching.

    I prefer a start menu and icons on the taskbar to launch things versus the start screen, because covering up my whole screen to look at a list of what's installed on my machine isn't beneficial to me. And nowhere did i say that nobody should want the tiles, I just don't want the tiles. I just prefer to work by using a start menu and icons on the shortcut bar...but MS removed that option for me....which is a change from every previous OS upgrade where you could run the new or default to the classic. So what's the issue with giving people the option to turn on the old start menu if that is what they want?

    My menu is pretty simple, here it is;

    --Outlook for my email
    --IE for those 2 pesky sites that I use that don't work with chrome
    --explorer: For navigating to files
    --Lync: For IM, video chats and phone calls at work
    --Google Chrome: For all browsing
    --File Zilla: FTP file transfers
    --Paint.NET: I write lots of documentation and use this to draw boxes, arrows, etc
    --VisionApp: Remote Desktop and SSH links to the hundreds of servers managed
    --Media Monkey: For listening to my music
    --command prompt: I'm a linux guy, so I use the command line a lot
    --remote desktop: For those one off boxes I have to connect to which aren't in our shared VisionApp environment
    --calculator: occasionally have to do math
    --powershell: For scripting and repetitive tasks
    --vSphere client: For everything I do with VMWare vSphere
    --VMWare Workstation: Because I do everything in virtual machines
    --snipping tool: to get the screenshot of the bar that I just posted.

    That accounts for 95% of my day. It's all right there, I don't have to close anything, I don't have to scroll, and I only have to click one time. This works for me, your mileage will vary.

    Somewhere along the line I think somebody assumed that I was saying everything had to be my way. That was not the case at all. Never have I said, bring back the start menu and drop the start screen for everybody because it is dumb. But I don't really like the start screen and I don't use it. It doesn't work at all for me and the way I do things. Having another choice is extremely valuable to me. A choice built right into Windows 8 right on day 1 would have been beneficial and saved MS a lot of grief.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd
    But still, there is an issue with multitasking because switching to full screen mode stops all multitasking.
    I don't think it stops multitasking in the windows environement. Rather the RT environement which operates separately may allow one task at a time. What I mean was not multiple windows with one app in each (thought that can be embraced too of course), but a fixed portion of the screen used by the RT environement display. Metro apps would always take the size and shape defined by user-defined parameters or by the optimal display parameters the app was designed for. Metro apps would all run in a single window if the technology doesn't allow multitasking. The window could have no drawn border, no caption and no skin to make it simplier but with a charm button to make it full screen when necessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Hi there
    @RBS - COULD care or COULDN'T Care -- not sure which side of the fence you are on !!!!

    BTW before getting too used to these 3rd party menus - prepare for the eventuality that they might (or probably) won't work in future Windows upgrades / releases. It would appear from the whisper places that W9 will certainly have some sort of menuing - also metro apps should be re-sizeable rather than occupying fixed portions of the screens -- very good for multiple (and LARGE) monitor users.

    Also to say that Ms screws up a 3rd party app is a bit silly -- WINDOWS IS an Ms application -- it's up to 3rd party apps to conform to what the Windows interfaces are - not for Ms to re-write Windows for specific 3rd party apps. (Ms will actually WORL quite well with 3rd party developers / hardware driver manufacturers -- rather different from our very well known "Fruit Company").

    if you mean windows 9 will have the start menu and by that logic you wouldn't be able to install your own start menu well then you base that theory on no evidence since you could install things like classic shell on windows 7
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    Well said, pparks
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