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No Microsoft Start Menu for Windows 8 until 2015: Sources

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    Modern open plan offices are a TOTAL abomination - especially in these days of total lack of consideration for other people when using mobile phones. Something about a Mobile phone just seems to switch off any idea of manners or consideration for others -- I'm sure you knoiw what I mean -- loud ring tones, annoying email notification beeps every few seconds, click noises when texting and when answering / making calls using voices so loud that even an old Drill Sgt in the Army would be proud of.

    Hehe, you'd love to hear me clacking away on my mechanical keyboard. Clickety, clickety, clickety, clack, clack, clack, click.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RBS View Post
    Yawn... can't we put this topic to bed?
    I've had a start menu since Windows 8 because I got Start8 for a discount. So yeah I don't think we need to worry about the start menus. Honestly I think I'm not even excited for Microsoft nor Windows 9 anymore. OS X Yosemite wins in my book. My iPhone in one room and I can text people who have Android or make calls directly on my Mac sealed the deal for me. A dream come true!

    I only dualboot Windows for games or if I'm forced to run a native Windows application. Okay I'm done.
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No Microsoft Start Menu for Windows 8 until 2015: Sources
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